Monday, 30 November 2009


I’m going through all these photos on my computer, and listening to my Romance on a Rocketship anthem. All these photos, of my garden, in any case, were taken during late winter, when it was rather warm, and everythingis growing. The leaves are new and young, and the rose plants are red with new growth. It’s such a bouncy song, full of happy feelings, that I can’t help feeling hopeful for the future.
Am also considering making a slideshow for one of these songs, to try and show others how it makes me feel.

But… then I move onto another folder… it’s got copies of baby photos that I took for my art project….. I know I’m looking at me….. (and I was a pretty ‘awwwh’ sorta baby, even when I was sick) and I feel weird…. Like… all family-orientated etc. not used to it. Dunno if I like it….

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