Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Moment She Knew

It's dark, pitch black, save for the occasional glimpse of the stars out the chink in the curtains.
It's warm, too much so, and she wriggles out from under the bed sheet - it's slightly suffocating, and she'd rather be able to breathe. She can't really believe she's here, but the air is too muggy and she is too groggy to mind all that much. She shuts her eyes, then opens them again, realising it makes no difference if she is awake or asleep- the world around her is quiet, save for the occasional sleeping-noise made by the other two in the room, one asleep, one as groggy as she.
It is this second that makes her not care, just for the moment, if she is whacked with a serious grounding when she finally decides to get up and go home. If she decides.

She pushes that thought aside and focuses on the sensation of the sheet on her back. It's too hot. She turns on her side, to let her back cool off, and no sooner has she done this, than she is pulled backwards, just a little, into another warm body, snuffling quietly into the back of her neck. She grins: it tickles. An arm snakes across her bare stomach, and pulls her in even closer, so her entire back makes contact with another's torso. It's too hot. But this time she doesn't care about the heat - she can deal with it, and her bare front cools her down anyway, she reasons with herself. She feels a line of kisses rise from between her shoulder blades to the nape of her neck, where the lips remain, breathing on her, giving her goose bumps.
She smiles to herself - the last eight hours have given her a lot to smile about, and though it makes her face ache slightly to continue doing so, she does, even though no one can see her. Not even him.
Although, as this thought occurs to her, the lips move, singing, almost inaudibly. But she hears. 'I know I'm nothing but skin and bones, but I sure think you're beautiful, with your long long hair and your big blue eyes, I'm glad I made you mine tonight'. She almost cries - these same lyrics had been drumming through the speakers several hours before, to their jokes, but he changed them, just for this day, just for this moment, just for her . She doesn't think he realises how that affects her, and she can't truly express it to anyone but herself, so she wriggles around until she faces the eyes that captivate her mind, and kisses his lips, whispering, 'Thank you'. It's the moment she realises he's a keeper, and she doesn't want to let him go, not from her heart. Content that she will not be hurt, belittled, scared, or broken like the those have before him, she nuzzles into him so her head leans on his chest and arm, and promptly falls asleep.

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