Tuesday, 3 November 2009

hiding from myself? found by my ipod.

methinks i need to change my ipod playlist from the recently added songs to all my regular ones - it's full of We Shot the Moon, REM, Alanis Morisette and James Morrison, among others, and it's making me a little melancholy. Though blues etc this is intended - and i love James Morrison regardless... it's the other songs that are bothering me.

You make it real for me,
and even though i'm not sure
of where i stand
and of how i feel
or of how your feel about me,
you make me feel something
that i havent felt in a long time,
to the point
where i wonder when i last truly felt that.
not for a year.
i look in the mirror,
and see a face that is me,
but it's expressionless,
at least until your name comes up on the caller ID
and a grin splits the neutrality.
is it just a teenage crush?
but i have a feeling deep down
that i don't like to entertain
because it tells me
that i'm going to get my heart
left in the gutter.
but the explosion of positive optimism
and happiness
and safety
that being wrapped up in your arms,
skin on skin,
warmth on warmth,
i don't want to let that go.
because as stupid as it seems,
you make me feel
like i'm at home,
yes you make it real for me.

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