Saturday, 28 February 2009

Please don't delete this....

I spent all of today's free time today so far writing this into an exercise book. I've never written neater in my life, nor more carefully. Probably because it's so important. This is what I wrote.

"Well, this doesn't seem to be the best post to begin with, since really, its describing an ending. I don't know who'll read this, but deep down, it's only written for one person, but I want everyone involved in my mess to read it and try to understand my stupid reasoning, even if the hate me, don't want to know me, or, worst of all, wish they never met me. As I explained to Justin once, I try so hard to be good because deep down I know I have an inherent selfish-heartless-I'll-tear-you-up-if-I-choose-to streak.
And finally, after 7 months, 1 Christmas, 2 love letters, 1 birthday and about 100 international text messages...
I broke Pete's heart.

Life has a funny way of telling us what we don't want to hear, of bringing us back to reality so fast, we don't know what hit us, or which way is up.
I began reading 'Boy Meets Boy' again the other day, and that's when this feeling of impending doom settles over my head like cotton wool - impairing my judgement an my senses. It's a contributing factor to what I said, did, thought. I have a habit of absorbing the text I'm reading, of becoming the essence of the book. This one's a sad, confusing one, but in the end a happy one, though in a somewhat left-of-centre fashion. This is what I've become. I finished it last night and then remembered that it took me a week to start recovering from the power of this particular book. I never really got over it the first time, now that I think about it.
But that's an excuse, and I'm not hiding from this any longer, least of all behind excuses. so, in lieu of that, this is what I need to say......

I knew that someday, sooner or later, I would have to end the love affair that consumed me so deeply for months. It certainly doesn't help that I'm a self-confessed flirt. This makes me sound terrible when I say that I began flirtations with a boy I go to school with, several months previously. [it is at this point that I remind readers that the arrangement between myself and the original boy were never official, and it wasn't until he called me 'my girl' that I thought that maybe this was exclusive. I know that's heartless, in a sense, but the fact that we're internationally predisposed does give this situation very unique circumstances.]
We had struck up a somewhat silent friendship over the course of our art classes, Jess' menagerie of animals within one drawing had all on our bench laughing and yelling out whenever we saw another creature peering out at us from the shaded curves and dark lines. That was the beginning. As of such, nothing came of it until a few weeks ago, I dropped my guard and told him I liked him.
Going by (and relying on) technicalities and definitions, going to the gardens was a friendship-bonding thing more than anything else. The beach was not.
Knowing this, knowing I was breaking every single relationship moral I have, was the final push.
But that isn't the main reason. Like I said, it was only the final push. That was the end. There was once a middle.

Life throws so many opportunities at me, I don't know where to turn. No matter what way I point my feet, I hurt someone I care about. It's enough to make me want to overdose on Panadol to try and block it out But as it stands, I couldn't do that - I haven't made my difference in the world yet. This is what goes through my head when I think of Pete, of me with him.
  • That love, his love, is unlike anything I've ever experienced. it departed from lust a long time ago and remained constant even when I voiced my doubts.
  • He's someone that I feel I could spent the rest of my life with.
  • But he's so far away, I'd be spending my youth - at least the next 6 years - away from him, waiting. I'll be 22 by the time I'm able to move closer. I can't wait that long.
  • It's the internet. try though i have, i cannot put down my guard, my suspicions, my doubt, so completely. Probably because i know how easy it is to veil the truth. How much damage was done the last time i gave in to someone totally.
  • I didn't want to say anything because i was, and still am, afraid that it will shatter him so completely that I'll be getting an email from an enraged someone, accusing me, yelling at me, telling me that I am the reason one of my closes friends is in hospital for doing something particularly stupid. No, that's wrong. He's not 'one of my closest' he is THE closest. My best friend. Whom I just destroyed. Yet another thing to OD over. [please note that this won't happen. its just me literising (is that even a word?) my feeling of hopelessness and guilt]
But he's angry at me now. The last message I got was him telling me I should be happy I'm not there. Though, I see one ironic flaw in this: were I there then none of this would have happened. But our experiences make us who we are, and I truly think that if there is a hell, I now have a first class ticket. I never promised not to hurt you because I knew that I would, someday, somehow, when I finally decided to admit the improbability of all this.
Though, truly, I'd rather have him furious at me, hating me, than having him sad and depressed, which I fear will come later. I deserve his anger, every ill feeling he can muster. I betrayed him, there's no denying that most people will see it like this. Though the love I feel for him is still here in my heart, and it always will be, I suspect I closed that door, blocked that road, with that very first admission of emotion.
I do this to clear my head enough to try and function at least slightly normally, to get my story out into the open.
And I honestly ask you, Pete, do you think we would have been better off if I had never been honest with you about what's going on in my head? I don't. So, to you, I say this:

Get angry, as much as you can muster towards me. Anger is more powerful than sadness, more productive. However you choose to deal with this is up to you, but even though I'm sure you don't want to think about, or know this....
when you are ready to let me be a part of your life again, if that's what you want, then I am here. I always will be. if not in the way we expect. I want to be your friend, and maybe if the circumstances are better than they are now (ie, living less than half a world away / you hating me) then maybe something more once again.
But I stress, this is all up to you. I am the bad guy here. I know that. I am asking you to tell me what you want, what you need me to do, and I will do almost anything. Even though I've more or less pushed you away with a very sharp, double-edged sword, I don't want to lose you completely. But if that's what you want, then that is what I will live with.
And even though I've said it before, I say it again: I'm more sorry than you can possible imagine for causing you this hurt. "

and maybe i shouldn't post this, maybe I should wait. I don't know, but I am posting it now, to show the world that I cut myself as deep as I did you with doing this.
Forgive me one day, please...........

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

my day, in as few words as i can make it

as it stands, i am sitting here, with a migrane, yes, james, alas it finally emerged.
i have just returned from one of the strangest days ive ever had. also one of the most wonderful.
there really is nothing quite like laying on the beach with people you care about.
the day got off to a smashing start with me cooking my traditional Wednesday Week B brekkie - bacon and egg sandwich - and then i managed to set the power safety switch off, thus ruining my attempt at having toast.... so i had one piece of semi-cooked toast instead... but it cooked, and it tasted damn good :)
mum came home and saved me from having to fix the power myself :) thanks muchly to mama for that - there are too many switches for me to bust up.
attempted homework... but didn't get very far - there was a really good movie on tv, so i watched that in between getting info on art therapy.
mum and dog went on walk, boy attempted to break in, or at the very least suss out the entrances to my home. he's going to get a rude shock when he comes back and realises that hes gotta get through rani to get to the door.... hehe...
went to softball practice, got burned, gosssiped more in that 1 hour than i have in 2 years.... was good fun having a good hard bitch, just this once. went and talked to some friends in the quad whilst waiting for james and that esl lesson to finish.
went to the beach. had awesome time, missed the tram back, so caught the next one.
four brit teens got on 10 mins after us, drunk, loud, obnoxious and alltogether unpleasnt. they were the loudest bunch ive seen in a long time, and havent heard those obsceneties for sooo long... they wouldnt get off the tram, kept stopping the doors from shutting... there was such a ruckus over it, it scared me. i just shrank back in my seat and inched a little closer to my friend, the almighty protector in this instance. i got off early, and freaked out, waiting for dad, on my own, in a dimly lit street of which i had no idea of my location. eep.
too much excitement for a school night.
and now i have this horrid migrane to contend with.
im desperatley hoping that i can sleep it off....... of which, i need to make my bed so i shall end this here after i calm down. awwwh, i want a cuddle to keep me safe. with the way todays been going, theres probably someone sitting outside my bedroom window, stalking me.
ew, creepy thought. thou shalt not entertain that idea again. scares me too much.
well, either way, sunset was amazing. so was the company. so should do it again....

much love,
Liv, the Wuss

new experiences, shaking hands.

it seems that every day this week, i see or experience something i never have before, and i'm not sure that i like it.
I'm still a little shaken from the past few.
1. i took charge, became determined over a destructive friendship (even though he doesn't know it yet)
2. i drove past a car crash, a serious one, right after it happened. she was laying in the median strip with people kneeling around her, and another one screaming at the bystanders, at 10pm at night. should i have stopped, since ive just relearned all my first aid? i don't know. i asked my instructor and our assessor, an ambo for 20 years, and they said no because there were enough people there to help already.
3. it is currently 2.20pm at 2.15, i looked up from the monitor and saw a boy my age wandering across my front lawn. whish would have been fine, except that we have a 1.5m iron fence around our entire yard. which means he had to voluntarily enter my yard, then proceeded to open the side gate and enter my back yard. i freaked out and raced to my room to find a top - there was no way i was confronting him in my cow-and-candy-stripe pj top.... and ran out of the front door. he shut the gate as quiet as he could, then saw me standing by the front door looking at him suspiciously. i said 'can i help you?' and he jsut mumbles something about 'oh, sorry, i was just looking for...' damn i wish my mother and Rani hadn't just left on a walk, if he'd opened that gate and found rani..... hahahahahahaha he'd never go into someone's yard again. rani is HUGE... and SCARY when she barks. plus shes got teeth capable of tearing a lion apart. i kid you not. her breed were originally lion hunters. shes the best guard dog / foot warmer in the world. alas, it was only me and Mr WHY-AREN'T-I-GOING-ON-A-WALK-TOO?!?!?!? (aka gus), with his pathetic little whine (sooooo not a theif deterrant)

ugh. i have as much adrenaline in me as when the dog across the road attacked me. yuck yuck yuck. i wish i'd been bolder and demanded to know why he was trespassing.....
yeah, that's me, Olivia the Wuss.

Monday, 23 February 2009

nothing to write home about

Well, I am now the proud owner of the first legal studies test I’ve ever done, and I am pleased to state that I didn’t fail, indeed, I got 80%, which is a grin-worthy score, I think.
Yes, I am being increasingly smug. And even more so when I serenely boast that I got a 19 for the first English assignment of the year, which I was less than happy with.
Not the grade, the work itself. God, if I am EVER displeased with a 19 then you should all feel free to pelt me in the back of the head with water balloons full of jelly. Having said that, that actually sounds like good fun, minus the impending throbbingly painful headache caused by flavoured gelatine wrapping itself and its rubbery membrane around my head.
And that was one of the most unusual tangents I've ever gone on, I think….
Then again maybe not.

Currently, I'm in a rather perculiar mood: I think my tummy is finally settling, giving in to the fact that I’ve cut out almost all crappy food from my diet. It went on a rather large attempt at mutiny these past two weeks. One advantage - boost juice was never a more reasonable investment than now.
Seriously, that stuff is obscenely expensive! Though I found one that tastes okay and I know that its all okay - its good for me. Hahah.
Gotta love healthy fast food.

Well, seeing as I’m trying to shorten these posts, I’ll not write for much longer (hehe the evil fact is. I’ll just write more of them, so sucked in, you’ll still have to read them)

Actually, that’s the end of this one. I’m too frustrated to write more. This was written over a 2.5 hour period and am tired now. So, I’ll write a different one, one that’s more important than this…..

Sunday, 22 February 2009

final post for the weekend *shock, horror, faint*

why all the banging and yelling?
we never learned how to use inside voices in the kitchen.
there's something about washing dishes that just invites yelling and screaming and smashing of things. and the worst part of it is that i have to hear it cause there's nowhere to get away from it that won't damage my eardrums trying to block it out.

im considering finishing my noting and going to bed - im tired of feeling sick/hungry. i want to eat but im not hungry enoguh to motivate me, jsut make me feel strange, and then i eat n i feel sick.
is something wrong with me?

oh, one final thing...
a deep deep apology to those that had to deal with me when i had tremendous mood swings. if it wasnt for my doctor telling me to go take vitamin b pills for it, i'd still be inflicting my wrath on you all. as it is, im calm and steady. unlike others i have to live with. its infuriating!!!!!

common courtesy, part 1

Gentlemen, I applaud you. a rarity these days of teenagers, my faith has been restored in the faithful upbringing of good men.
Ah, I sound like an old bat, not a 16 year old girl in a tizzy.
That's the huge advantage of being beyond my years sometimes, as irritating as it is for other people.
Modest much? I thought so.
I shall continue on this line of total pompousness to declare to the world that I am now the proud recipient of a Bronze Medallion for swimming.
Uber excited.
But that could just be because it's over and I passed the exam......

Now all I gots to do is waddle through is the 1500m race on Tuesday and the three races I'm in at swimming carnival.
I'm getting uncomfortably nervous just from writing it down.
Guess I better up my practice from the occasional jog around the block, to racing Nick on the track.
If I can beat him I'll sublimate from astonishment.

And once again I'm procrastinating the dreaded biology.
It isn't actually all that bad, I just don't know how to put all this information into a logical order so that I can use it to revise properly and then for the mid and end of year exams.


Though, all this procrastination is doing wonders for my touch typing and general speed..... Whoopee :)
Soon I'll be able to type and revise at the same time.

Haha score!

Nah, that'll never work, what with my personal concentration levels being as embarrassingly low as they are when it comes to homework.......


well, I shall begin, and then I shall rant a little more about how much I love polite boys (as opposed to the sex-obsessed / rude ones)


15 minutes

Saturday, 21 February 2009

I just cant stay away

see, i told you i should write again this weekend.
really, I'm just procrastinating so that i don't have to deal with the concept of a biology test on Monday and the pretest nothing avalanche that has begun to rumble out of my school bag.
i kid you not, i can only fit 2 subjects of work in there these days. that's going to be sheer Bliss attempting to fit the four i have at home into that one space ready for the terror that is Mondays.
bus, 5 subjects, seventh lesson. don't finish school until 4.30. put simply: yuck.
then again, it also required the bus home so in reality i don't get home until about 5.45.
that's almost 11 hours of school-relatedness in one day. someone shoot me now.

however, that is in fact not the reason i am writing. two things, first off being that strangely enough, i have been inspired by a blog i found courtesy of sazzleberry mentioning it the other week. read it, love it. kitty you're an amazing writer! inspiring much? answer being muchly. makes me laugh at 11.50pm when I'm meant to be as silent as death for fear of waking up the dreaded sleep-talking siblings. ah, yes, it really is one of the funniest past times, talking to my brother in his sleep. we had a whole conversation once - he wanted me to make sure that i shut something, but he never specified what. another time he was kicking up an enormous fuss because Imogen wouldn't stop poking one of our dogs. ironically enough, she had almost the same dream the next night. ah yes, the hilarity of being the last one awake every night is truly rewarding.
on a rather random note, i have discovered that if one paints too many layers of nail polish onto one another, the whole thing will peel off your nail the day after. such a weird thing for me to be doing at the computer - peeling my nail colour off.... go figure :)
back to what i wanted to say....
and now I've forgotten, i went off on so many tangents...
... i remembered....

i bought two deliciously fat ink markers today from the newsagent :) cost me nearly $10 for them, at which i was outraged, but then, it is the newsagents... everything's overpriced: i had to tear myself away from the numerous stickers glaring at me with their shiny sparkles and ludicrous yellow and black grins. there really is nothing quite like a smiley face to brighten up a particularly boring day amongst stationary.
having said that, stationary shopping is my favourite kind, beyond belief. it's the perfect mix of practicality and frivolity :)
but, back to the markers....
they work wonderfully, especially for what i'm using them, which is to give life to my first major art piece for this year, other than the stobie pole i painted over the holidays.... make no judgemtnts, it looks undoubtedly more swirly than it was when it was a plain boring old one.
so, this art piece... is of the people around me, what they reperesent, what they are to me. for some, it's a very complicated proedure - they mean a great deal to me. but all of this: colours, words, shapes, will be painted and etched onto green glass bottles, which are then then to be hung on a tree i am making totally out of metal. the green of the bottles, i'm hoping, will somehow give the impression of hanging leaves..... go figure.... but yes, i am epically excited about this piece. i'll run out of bottles before i do people, so the process is going to have to be particularily selective - some are for friends, some family, and some are about me and who i am to me. epic task, though i get to melt glass in the kiln, so im content- i love making weird things - the last one i did was an etching into a door and panels to put in it :) :)
as of yet, the door is still at school, with a vaguly evil air aobut it, gleefully decieving people into thinking we have a new room addition to the art centre. we don't, i just take great pleasure in confusing people to see their faces when they realise the truth is not nearly as exciting as the reality. i'm treeible sometimes. and terrible. i love the way typos can change the total meaning of a sentence. like that one. yes, now my secret is out: i'm actually tree-compatible.

..... ?!

well, i need to express myself somehow, for these art ones, and i dont want to write it down. so i'll type it instead. these are the people i want to do - and dont you even dare considering useing the dirty meaning of that sentence or i may have to hunt you down and kill you with a feather boa. all quake in your boots at the dreaded feather boa.

me, as a baby, kid and now. imogen. fraser. mum. dad. pete. tony. brian. jess. james. nick. rani
(yes, i know she's a dog, i don't care)

so that makes.... 14 bottles.
then depending on how things go with others, i'll add more.

please, if youre reading this and youre name's not on here, don't be offended. the past is the past and with 'goodbye', it blew away a large portion of sentimentality. i do not miss the past nor the hours of speech.
that was a little random, but hey, it had to be said. sadly, it's like this...

"i love you"
"oh? thats... nice"
"you don't love me?"
"i like you, i don't love you."
*looks dejected* "oh"

well, its not the same, but it is. kapish? good.

and yet again, this is a huge post.
me (shrinks into corner): okay

and so i leave you for now, i have to go and start freaking out about the fact i have to be at the bus in stop 7 mintes and im not even dressed apporpriatley.

45 mins

Friday, 20 February 2009

Literature of Livvy's Life

And so begins a new chapter of my life.
Unsurprisingly enough, I associate my life with a book. Shocking, I know.
My world begins to move at an amazing pace.
Things are changing; I am changing.
We're suddenly a lot older than we were two months ago.
There's the formal, jumpers, hair getting longer (which as superficial as it is, makes me unerringly happy) and even new people.
We are not yet three full weeks into the final year (I count a week ending on Sunday) and there have already been tantrums, jobs, assemblies, god-worshipping in a too-small chapel and a strange new friendship which I find that I exist in with increasing enjoyment.
This is my record to the world. My record to myself. The advantage of this is that it forces me to censor some aspects because it is read by a lot more people than I first thought and I don't want people to know every thought I have about people and life in general.
The Desk is sitting on the other side of my room, cleaner now than it has been all year. It would look even more so if I didn't have a HUGE enormous calendar place mat sitting on it, obscuring the glass top :D
But that's okay - for now, I'm happy with where I stand. It's easy to forget the hard times with one is too busy floating on the good stuff in life.
Tests began today and the continue from now. The persistent pressure to do well is actually ulcer-inducing, which is impressive considering I deal with a LOT of stomach-related issues and always end up okay after them. I blame the presence of dairy in almost everything I've ever eaten, or that's currently in the cupboards.
And despite the uplifting sense of life I now hold within my hot little hands, there is an undercurrent of a new development that leaves me wondering late at night, if this is reciprocated or if Ii am being, once again, a little too forward with things. It's hard with quiet people - I seem to attract the shyer ones, probably because I have a hard time talking to people that are as shy as I am, or worse, even shyer. that's the beauty of the Internet - there's little social awkwardness, and I'm not afraid to make a fool of myself because I can say things how I want them to sound (most of the time) - like on here.
I keep getting asked to translate from Livvy to English, which is great because it means that I'm succeeding in my quest to say what I need to, without giving away what on earth I am actually talking about, which is great when it's a delicate topic, as some in this post are.
I'm torn between yelling my outspoken opinion, and sitting back and quietly stewing on it. Sadly, I have enough diplomacy and tact within the folds of my pockets to rant and rave in private, where only my family have to listen to me hurling obscenities about some recent happenings.
Now, don't get me wrong, the fact that I was on the upper end of this had totally nothing to do with it, but I believe that throwing a temper tantrum because one did not receive what they believe they deserved, I find childish and obscene in a modern world, particularly a school. Those that know what happened will know exactly what I am talking about. There is the delicate situation of me worrying about what I say in case it offends said person's second half, a dear friend of mine, so I fumed as silently as I could the first day, and have dark thoughts now rather than dark words. That's okay, I think said person knows where I stand on the issue, and that is that she stands alone. No support from me this time, nor the other pair, as I am led to believe.
It seems that I am not the only one that HATES having words put in my mouth. Granted, I lresent it more than the others, but it deeply offends me when I have my own voice taken from me. But hey, that's okay. That's their life, not mine, I get to be the big kid who's not as amazing at the science / maths scene but rocks with words and a good dollop of paint - you should see my art folder, the most common response was 'wow' and 'woah'.... *melts into a happy puddle* There really is nothing like peer approval. Many thanks to Kyle for removing it from the drying cupboard so I wouldn't have to miss out on my Legal Studies test :) :)

Wow this is a long post... I've just been writing non-stop for.... 30 minutes straight. I feel quite proud of that - the last time I did that was the other day when I discovered that my school email has finally succumbed to the plethora of technical errors plaguing the school's network, and I lost a 1200 word assignment. I've never been that angry at a computer before.
Well, on that amazingly pleasant note, I will actually bid you all adieu.
I know, it's heart breaking news to hear that, since it may be another fortnight before I write again, though I hugely doubt it since I'm having a rather eventful weekend, this one: going to the gardens, then a swimming exam, then a short film festival :)
So yes, farewell and thankyou for reading such an obscenely long post, i suspect only the truly faithful would have read up to this point.

Much love,

Oh, another thing - I have NO IDEA what name to put on my year 12 jumper. If you have any suggestions, please comment them onto this post :) Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
I love you forever :)

P.S - look, all the big words in my title are 'L' words. That is the letter of the day - even 'letter' starts with 'l'
hahaha sorry - too much sugar.
I'll press 'publish' now.......
55 minutes

Monday, 2 February 2009

shout out to brian
shout out to pete

for changing the reflection i see in the mirror.

for letting me look without bias.

for letting me smile and think 'hey, that face isnt half bad...'

for making me braver and stronger than i am on my own.

for helping me to smile and say 'i like who i am'.

thank you.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

indecent exposure (aka welcome back)

I feel like a flasher in the park.
no, that's not right.
its more like standing naked in front of someone for the first time, though I actually don't even know what that's like, though i suspect the vulnerability is about the same.
tonight i exposed my soul over a guitar design and a joking statement that sent me into the corner of my room with an immediate desire of a paper bag to freak out into.
i get ahead of myself a lot of the time, thinking so far into the distance i forget to watch where i place my feet right in front of me.

everyone has their skeletons hiding in the closet. i have an infant. no, i am not pregnant. that assumption in itself is obscene. primarily because there's no other half here to create it. it merely means that my experiences have yet to grow and turn into skeletons.
i cannot see myself in the career i choose - it is too interchangeable. psychologist, teacher, youth aid worker, ambassador. the list goes on. i just know i want to help. i see 10 years ahead and while that is blank, i do see a family. my family. both of them.

so, here i sit, still blank over the incredible exchange that took place a few hours ago, when i realised that, shockingly, for the first time in my life, i was holding my heart out, bloody in my hands, and he took it from me, wiped it clean, smiled, and put it back in me gently without so much as a scratch. but he did something to it, put an armour around it. with those joking words, and that affirmation of being steadfast, he wrapped me in bubble wrap so thick that not even a diamond drill-bit could get through.

its a shining translucent sheath that ripples over my being, bouncing away any attack, any bad feelings. no more 'i don't think i am good enough?'. soon it will be on a chain so i only have to pull it out and look at it to sublimate and start flying around the room in a little cloud of happy vapour.

my life is stretched out ahead of me, there are so many possibilities, I'm like a kid in a toy store with no idea what they want to try out first. i have two thing certain in my future: (no, death and taxes aren't them) him, and university. i do not know where that university is any more. Adelaide? most likely. though i want to travel while i study, if that's possible. there is a vague direction i want to travel in life, and no, it is not clockwise around the world. (its anti-clockwise :P) its like putting on glasses in the wrong focus: you can see fuzzy shapes and outlines but not clear detail. that's just fine with me for now.

and for now, this is my final rambling of the night, even though i want to write and write and write. the floodgates have opened people, and they're struggling to be shut. FAREWELL WRITERS BLOCK, SCHOOL IS BACK!
(and with it comes the stresses of being a senior and homework and love and formal and friends and family and LIFE)

so until next time,
adios, ciao, sayonara, bon vouyage and bye-bye.

The Olive Branch and Lactose Intolerance

there really is nothing quite like the agony experienced when one chooses to go against allergies advice and drink milk.

my name is olivia, and i am allergic to dairy. not enough to be dangerous, just very, very painful.

which was stupid of me to sip those last few dregs of iced coffee whilst discussing a V add with my friend and our siblings at lunch today.
the meal was incredible. i have yet to have something that wasn't a tastebud explosion. every sunday we head down there to try something new from the menu. i love being able to go down to the shopping centre and die and go to heaven for an hour or so each week ^^
it's called The Oliva Branch and is in Balhannah, just off of the main street from the freeway. If it sounds like i'm promoting it .... i am. i love this place, and i reccommend it for anyone with any interest of good food.


much thanks to sazzleberry for the hour or so of laughs i got out of this one....

Olivia needs to keep to herself

Olivia looks like one of those primitive toys poor farmers used to make with a stick in the back of a wood person, that you tap on your knee and it appears to “dance.”

Olivia says... come back soon!!!!

Olivia Wants To Dance, Break The Tension, to be japanese

Olivia Does the Truffle Shuffle

Olivia hates pomping

Olivia asks the dude who remains, "If you're going to kill me then could I please have some water?"

Olivia - likes to ride the cow 100308.

Olivia Eats Food From Strangers

Olivia wears her pink polka dotted kerchief around her neck on the trip, and her ears are styled with solid gold hoop earrings.

Olivia was arrested for chaining herself to the door of the Bush Cheney Administrative Headquarters, and tresspassing as apart of an AIDS awareness protest

Olivia Loves Popeye