Sunday, 22 February 2009

final post for the weekend *shock, horror, faint*

why all the banging and yelling?
we never learned how to use inside voices in the kitchen.
there's something about washing dishes that just invites yelling and screaming and smashing of things. and the worst part of it is that i have to hear it cause there's nowhere to get away from it that won't damage my eardrums trying to block it out.

im considering finishing my noting and going to bed - im tired of feeling sick/hungry. i want to eat but im not hungry enoguh to motivate me, jsut make me feel strange, and then i eat n i feel sick.
is something wrong with me?

oh, one final thing...
a deep deep apology to those that had to deal with me when i had tremendous mood swings. if it wasnt for my doctor telling me to go take vitamin b pills for it, i'd still be inflicting my wrath on you all. as it is, im calm and steady. unlike others i have to live with. its infuriating!!!!!

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