Wednesday, 25 February 2009

my day, in as few words as i can make it

as it stands, i am sitting here, with a migrane, yes, james, alas it finally emerged.
i have just returned from one of the strangest days ive ever had. also one of the most wonderful.
there really is nothing quite like laying on the beach with people you care about.
the day got off to a smashing start with me cooking my traditional Wednesday Week B brekkie - bacon and egg sandwich - and then i managed to set the power safety switch off, thus ruining my attempt at having toast.... so i had one piece of semi-cooked toast instead... but it cooked, and it tasted damn good :)
mum came home and saved me from having to fix the power myself :) thanks muchly to mama for that - there are too many switches for me to bust up.
attempted homework... but didn't get very far - there was a really good movie on tv, so i watched that in between getting info on art therapy.
mum and dog went on walk, boy attempted to break in, or at the very least suss out the entrances to my home. he's going to get a rude shock when he comes back and realises that hes gotta get through rani to get to the door.... hehe...
went to softball practice, got burned, gosssiped more in that 1 hour than i have in 2 years.... was good fun having a good hard bitch, just this once. went and talked to some friends in the quad whilst waiting for james and that esl lesson to finish.
went to the beach. had awesome time, missed the tram back, so caught the next one.
four brit teens got on 10 mins after us, drunk, loud, obnoxious and alltogether unpleasnt. they were the loudest bunch ive seen in a long time, and havent heard those obsceneties for sooo long... they wouldnt get off the tram, kept stopping the doors from shutting... there was such a ruckus over it, it scared me. i just shrank back in my seat and inched a little closer to my friend, the almighty protector in this instance. i got off early, and freaked out, waiting for dad, on my own, in a dimly lit street of which i had no idea of my location. eep.
too much excitement for a school night.
and now i have this horrid migrane to contend with.
im desperatley hoping that i can sleep it off....... of which, i need to make my bed so i shall end this here after i calm down. awwwh, i want a cuddle to keep me safe. with the way todays been going, theres probably someone sitting outside my bedroom window, stalking me.
ew, creepy thought. thou shalt not entertain that idea again. scares me too much.
well, either way, sunset was amazing. so was the company. so should do it again....

much love,
Liv, the Wuss

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