Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Olive Branch and Lactose Intolerance

there really is nothing quite like the agony experienced when one chooses to go against allergies advice and drink milk.

my name is olivia, and i am allergic to dairy. not enough to be dangerous, just very, very painful.

which was stupid of me to sip those last few dregs of iced coffee whilst discussing a V add with my friend and our siblings at lunch today.
the meal was incredible. i have yet to have something that wasn't a tastebud explosion. every sunday we head down there to try something new from the menu. i love being able to go down to the shopping centre and die and go to heaven for an hour or so each week ^^
it's called The Oliva Branch and is in Balhannah, just off of the main street from the freeway. If it sounds like i'm promoting it .... i am. i love this place, and i reccommend it for anyone with any interest of good food.

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