Saturday, 21 February 2009

I just cant stay away

see, i told you i should write again this weekend.
really, I'm just procrastinating so that i don't have to deal with the concept of a biology test on Monday and the pretest nothing avalanche that has begun to rumble out of my school bag.
i kid you not, i can only fit 2 subjects of work in there these days. that's going to be sheer Bliss attempting to fit the four i have at home into that one space ready for the terror that is Mondays.
bus, 5 subjects, seventh lesson. don't finish school until 4.30. put simply: yuck.
then again, it also required the bus home so in reality i don't get home until about 5.45.
that's almost 11 hours of school-relatedness in one day. someone shoot me now.

however, that is in fact not the reason i am writing. two things, first off being that strangely enough, i have been inspired by a blog i found courtesy of sazzleberry mentioning it the other week. read it, love it. kitty you're an amazing writer! inspiring much? answer being muchly. makes me laugh at 11.50pm when I'm meant to be as silent as death for fear of waking up the dreaded sleep-talking siblings. ah, yes, it really is one of the funniest past times, talking to my brother in his sleep. we had a whole conversation once - he wanted me to make sure that i shut something, but he never specified what. another time he was kicking up an enormous fuss because Imogen wouldn't stop poking one of our dogs. ironically enough, she had almost the same dream the next night. ah yes, the hilarity of being the last one awake every night is truly rewarding.
on a rather random note, i have discovered that if one paints too many layers of nail polish onto one another, the whole thing will peel off your nail the day after. such a weird thing for me to be doing at the computer - peeling my nail colour off.... go figure :)
back to what i wanted to say....
and now I've forgotten, i went off on so many tangents...
... i remembered....

i bought two deliciously fat ink markers today from the newsagent :) cost me nearly $10 for them, at which i was outraged, but then, it is the newsagents... everything's overpriced: i had to tear myself away from the numerous stickers glaring at me with their shiny sparkles and ludicrous yellow and black grins. there really is nothing quite like a smiley face to brighten up a particularly boring day amongst stationary.
having said that, stationary shopping is my favourite kind, beyond belief. it's the perfect mix of practicality and frivolity :)
but, back to the markers....
they work wonderfully, especially for what i'm using them, which is to give life to my first major art piece for this year, other than the stobie pole i painted over the holidays.... make no judgemtnts, it looks undoubtedly more swirly than it was when it was a plain boring old one.
so, this art piece... is of the people around me, what they reperesent, what they are to me. for some, it's a very complicated proedure - they mean a great deal to me. but all of this: colours, words, shapes, will be painted and etched onto green glass bottles, which are then then to be hung on a tree i am making totally out of metal. the green of the bottles, i'm hoping, will somehow give the impression of hanging leaves..... go figure.... but yes, i am epically excited about this piece. i'll run out of bottles before i do people, so the process is going to have to be particularily selective - some are for friends, some family, and some are about me and who i am to me. epic task, though i get to melt glass in the kiln, so im content- i love making weird things - the last one i did was an etching into a door and panels to put in it :) :)
as of yet, the door is still at school, with a vaguly evil air aobut it, gleefully decieving people into thinking we have a new room addition to the art centre. we don't, i just take great pleasure in confusing people to see their faces when they realise the truth is not nearly as exciting as the reality. i'm treeible sometimes. and terrible. i love the way typos can change the total meaning of a sentence. like that one. yes, now my secret is out: i'm actually tree-compatible.

..... ?!

well, i need to express myself somehow, for these art ones, and i dont want to write it down. so i'll type it instead. these are the people i want to do - and dont you even dare considering useing the dirty meaning of that sentence or i may have to hunt you down and kill you with a feather boa. all quake in your boots at the dreaded feather boa.

me, as a baby, kid and now. imogen. fraser. mum. dad. pete. tony. brian. jess. james. nick. rani
(yes, i know she's a dog, i don't care)

so that makes.... 14 bottles.
then depending on how things go with others, i'll add more.

please, if youre reading this and youre name's not on here, don't be offended. the past is the past and with 'goodbye', it blew away a large portion of sentimentality. i do not miss the past nor the hours of speech.
that was a little random, but hey, it had to be said. sadly, it's like this...

"i love you"
"oh? thats... nice"
"you don't love me?"
"i like you, i don't love you."
*looks dejected* "oh"

well, its not the same, but it is. kapish? good.

and yet again, this is a huge post.
me (shrinks into corner): okay

and so i leave you for now, i have to go and start freaking out about the fact i have to be at the bus in stop 7 mintes and im not even dressed apporpriatley.

45 mins

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  1. #1. Sleep talking - strangely Lachie fell asleep in the car today. Straight after he woke up, we were talking about Jaws and he said "Jaws, who's that?" and fell straight back to sleep.

    #2. Peeling nail colour off at the computer isn't strange, I do it all the time...

    #3. Trees are cool, the beach is cool, and the idea of a tree being created from liquid sand is thus awesome. (I sound special when I say "liquid sand" instead of "glass".)

    #4. Feather Boa Woman on year 12 jumper?