Monday, 23 February 2009

nothing to write home about

Well, I am now the proud owner of the first legal studies test I’ve ever done, and I am pleased to state that I didn’t fail, indeed, I got 80%, which is a grin-worthy score, I think.
Yes, I am being increasingly smug. And even more so when I serenely boast that I got a 19 for the first English assignment of the year, which I was less than happy with.
Not the grade, the work itself. God, if I am EVER displeased with a 19 then you should all feel free to pelt me in the back of the head with water balloons full of jelly. Having said that, that actually sounds like good fun, minus the impending throbbingly painful headache caused by flavoured gelatine wrapping itself and its rubbery membrane around my head.
And that was one of the most unusual tangents I've ever gone on, I think….
Then again maybe not.

Currently, I'm in a rather perculiar mood: I think my tummy is finally settling, giving in to the fact that I’ve cut out almost all crappy food from my diet. It went on a rather large attempt at mutiny these past two weeks. One advantage - boost juice was never a more reasonable investment than now.
Seriously, that stuff is obscenely expensive! Though I found one that tastes okay and I know that its all okay - its good for me. Hahah.
Gotta love healthy fast food.

Well, seeing as I’m trying to shorten these posts, I’ll not write for much longer (hehe the evil fact is. I’ll just write more of them, so sucked in, you’ll still have to read them)

Actually, that’s the end of this one. I’m too frustrated to write more. This was written over a 2.5 hour period and am tired now. So, I’ll write a different one, one that’s more important than this…..


  1. I am also a big fan of healthy food and boost. :D Too bad the closest boost juice bar to me is a half an hour drive away. :(

    Thanks for all the kind and helpful comments you've been leaving on my blog, muchly appreciated. :)

  2. Most unusual tangent ever? Don't go throwing that around, you've had one or two pretty unusual ones in your time...