Sunday, 1 February 2009


much thanks to sazzleberry for the hour or so of laughs i got out of this one....

Olivia needs to keep to herself

Olivia looks like one of those primitive toys poor farmers used to make with a stick in the back of a wood person, that you tap on your knee and it appears to “dance.”

Olivia says... come back soon!!!!

Olivia Wants To Dance, Break The Tension, to be japanese

Olivia Does the Truffle Shuffle

Olivia hates pomping

Olivia asks the dude who remains, "If you're going to kill me then could I please have some water?"

Olivia - likes to ride the cow 100308.

Olivia Eats Food From Strangers

Olivia wears her pink polka dotted kerchief around her neck on the trip, and her ears are styled with solid gold hoop earrings.

Olivia was arrested for chaining herself to the door of the Bush Cheney Administrative Headquarters, and tresspassing as apart of an AIDS awareness protest

Olivia Loves Popeye

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