Wednesday, 25 February 2009

new experiences, shaking hands.

it seems that every day this week, i see or experience something i never have before, and i'm not sure that i like it.
I'm still a little shaken from the past few.
1. i took charge, became determined over a destructive friendship (even though he doesn't know it yet)
2. i drove past a car crash, a serious one, right after it happened. she was laying in the median strip with people kneeling around her, and another one screaming at the bystanders, at 10pm at night. should i have stopped, since ive just relearned all my first aid? i don't know. i asked my instructor and our assessor, an ambo for 20 years, and they said no because there were enough people there to help already.
3. it is currently 2.20pm at 2.15, i looked up from the monitor and saw a boy my age wandering across my front lawn. whish would have been fine, except that we have a 1.5m iron fence around our entire yard. which means he had to voluntarily enter my yard, then proceeded to open the side gate and enter my back yard. i freaked out and raced to my room to find a top - there was no way i was confronting him in my cow-and-candy-stripe pj top.... and ran out of the front door. he shut the gate as quiet as he could, then saw me standing by the front door looking at him suspiciously. i said 'can i help you?' and he jsut mumbles something about 'oh, sorry, i was just looking for...' damn i wish my mother and Rani hadn't just left on a walk, if he'd opened that gate and found rani..... hahahahahahaha he'd never go into someone's yard again. rani is HUGE... and SCARY when she barks. plus shes got teeth capable of tearing a lion apart. i kid you not. her breed were originally lion hunters. shes the best guard dog / foot warmer in the world. alas, it was only me and Mr WHY-AREN'T-I-GOING-ON-A-WALK-TOO?!?!?!? (aka gus), with his pathetic little whine (sooooo not a theif deterrant)

ugh. i have as much adrenaline in me as when the dog across the road attacked me. yuck yuck yuck. i wish i'd been bolder and demanded to know why he was trespassing.....
yeah, that's me, Olivia the Wuss.


  1. Seems like a stressful week, to put it lightly. Those are traumatic experiences enough without them all in the space of three days.

    On a lighter note... you warm your feet on a lion hunter and call yourself a wuss?

  2. I'd assume he was a neighbour or something and his ball landed in your yard? that's the only time people have entered my yard.