Sunday, 1 November 2009

And yet another tragic ending.

all this revision is getting me down. not because i could have been out doing other things - no, it's rather relaxing for this tired mind to be laying on her bed reading notes from many months ago - but because the content that said mind is reading, is rather depressive.

The Great Gatsby, in short, boils down to a man building his entire life around getting his once-sweetheart to fall in love with him again, but she's married and has a little girl. He learns the hard way that the past cannot be repeated. The whole thing left me blinking at the coffee table thinking 'what the HELL was that for?!' - it has a rather, er, unexpected ending, put it that way - then again, live destructively and you yourself shall be destroyed, so maybe it's not that unexpected after all.

The Crucible makes me flinch EVERY time i think about the terrible things that happened, but more so over exactly why. People are horrible creatures, and this play gave me no faith in humanity whatsoever, though it was a very clever socio-political comment on the McCarthy Regime of the 1950's and how the US has a rather odd quirk of repeating its mistakes
to err is human - to repeat this is stupidity
hmmm.... certainly doesn't help the global image, ey?

I think they jsut gave us all the depressing things to remember for year 12 because we wouldn't have understood their impact in previous years....

Cabaret, directed by Bob Fosse (by some irony, complaining about these books is helping me remember - go figure) came out in the 1970's and was revolutionary for its time in that it wasnt all joyous and spontaneous whole-street-worth-of-people-randomly-burst-into-song numbers - it was a harsh political comment re Germany just pre WW2. again, the main character is not someone we want to sympathise with, but at the same time, like Gatsby (in the Great Gatsby, obviously), we do because we see the reasoning behind Sally's actions - her desire for attention is due to her fathers total lack of said attention, and this in itself spawns a host of other issues, like her shallow selfishness, to hide the vunerable child inside her.
the songs are great, but there are some things that drive me up the wall - mainly Sally - because all through it, i had no sympathy for her whatsoever, and got extremely annoyed at Brian for sticking around as long as he did when it was obvious she's in it for noone but herself, and is insufferably annoying......apologies to those who love sally bowles as a character, this is merely my opinion, feel free to think its stupid, i don't.

but yes...... all three texts are, overall, a big bundle of wet blanket. ruined the mood in which i grinned from ear to ear the entire walk to work - i think the people in their cars must think theres something wrong with me- and its now replaced with apathy and a pressure on my eyelids telling me to go brush my teeth and snooze.
But i have poems to revise, and so i shall stop procrastinating with this post, and get a wriggle on, because i'm beginning to feel a stomach ulcer from the nervousness i keep hidden, for the most part, about what kinds of questions will be in thes exam, and what will be the compulsory topic.
i hope it's not poetry, thats all i can say. then again, i'm freaking out about all three sections, so its pot luck and this only makes my insides squirm more


but, it cannot be avoided, and as such i shan't complain any further, just put my pen to the paper and remember as much as i can, properly, for tomorrow.
I'm considering taking in a phone book to sit on, though, because the table is totally the wrong height for me - after my last lot of trial exams, i couldnt turn my neck properly to the right for about 8 weeks afterwards. am hoping this doesn't happen again as it was rather painful last time and am not keen to repat the experience.



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