Thursday, 26 November 2009

April, Xmas, Sleepovers.

okay i've been reading aprils blog for most of the evening on and off. and i've decided it's time for me to write my own.

its interesting to see the extreme difference in writing style, and i think am going to take a leaf out of her book and write here.

i like having a boyfriend. it's only been 8 days, but it feels longer for me because we've been hanging out at least once a week thereabouts for lik 2 months. drives me crazy when he's not around, and i'm not gonna lie - i'm getting rather attached, enough to realise that it's LONELY without him - i'm on my own a lot recently. i know mum feels kinda guilty about leaving me home on my own, but frase is here sometimes because of his exams, and shes usually home before 2...... but still, i wont lie, i do enjoy my 'me' time... but 2 weeks of it is making me NEED people. it sucks.
thankfully i have april, whom i talk to every night. now mum doesnt even bother finishing asking who im talking to: 'who are you..... oh, april'
hahah. it makes me laugh. i think she thinks im being naiive by spending so much time talking to one person, like my enthusiasm is a symptom of foolishness. i like the girl. i really like her. its like looking in a mirror sometimes. i love it. no doubt in a few months, itll drive me nuts she knows that im thinking..... but its nice not to have to explain my reasoning in everything i ever think. but yes, i think shes fast becoming one of my best friends. XD

new topic: christmas.
jesus christ! not again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know, i'm terrible. i should love xmas. i dont know why i dont.
yes i do. its ALWAYS stressful. He suggested me staying over there xmas eve so i can go see his dad on xmas day, which was a rather exciting prospect............ but the likelihood of this happening is somewhere between small and impossible
but 'small' is a VERY optimistic guess. *sigh* i just wanna be able to snooze to the sound of a heartbeat other than my own. no funny stuffs whatsoever!

its hard to explain why i'd rather not come home. i have a nice house and a nice family and two beautiful dogs............. and until recently during a talk with my brother who is fast becoming frankly amazing, (lol nice pen name...Frank Lee Amazing).... but still...... im finding a new home at the same time, and i love being at them both. one's calm, the other vaguely crazy, but this is merely the culture shock. AND I LOVE IT.

oh, and by the way, i KNOW my grammar is disgusting. i figure....... im writing as fast as my little fingers can move, and my brain works at a MUCH faster rate. grammar is thrown by the wayside to make way for the frankly more important things of SUBSTANCE. hehe just thoguht i hsould mention that because i know i read my posts and it just looks like its one MASSIVE sentence. oh well..... ill probably go through in my copious amounts of spare time and read and correct my ENTIRE ARCHIVE. because yea, i am way cool like that.

i cant believe its only been 8 days.......

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