Monday, 16 November 2009

cause i can.

yes, i know it is almost 2 am.
fact is, i'm talking to someone i suspect is going to be rather a good friend of mine somewhere down the track, and i'm rather enjoying the conversation.
:):):) i love meeting new people - yeah, i'm not as outgoing with strangers as i am with people i know - that that's a given isnt it? this is why i love the internet - i can write and write and write....... and its okay.
but yes. last night was oodles of fun (is embarrassing i just used that word in that context - how grown up am i?!).
again, am at a loss as to what to do with my llife, so i'm staying up all night because i can, talking to April *note mention here :)* who i suspect is a slightly older version of me - its rather alarming, really, but lovely at the same time. XD

work today was a little hellish because it was so sporadically busy. i had this lovely trio come and sit in for lunch and afternoon tea.... no joke, they stayed for 2 hours! i dont mind this, but they were rather chatty, and i atuomatically make eye contact when i talk to people - makes it hard to read the lists and clean the coffee machine, not to mention sweep and mop.
but it's okay, it was a good, albeit humid (evaporative a/c) arvo, and i got a letter of praise in it for me ahhahah WIN!

ok its 3.04 am now. and this is the latest ive been up since the after party in may. sad much? and im up cause i can be. loving it though. music, warm n comfy, and good conversation. im just crapping on now - its 3 am people, i have no functional brain cells and shant for a while. i think i will be sleeping all day tomorrow...... but knowig me ill be up by 9am because my internal clock is shouting in a john cleese like manner that i have to get up and march, march, march the goose step.

3.23 now.

i think i'm in the middle of soething beautiful now, and it scares the hell out of me because i think it runns in my veins a little deeper than i'd like it to. but this is the way it is. and though i'm terrified............. there's so much to gain. and no daniel, its a g, not a p.

bring it on. because i can see the tea stained colour of old paper, and the burned edges, shining with a little light bulb from the sun on the other side, illuminating what could be, and if you dont mind i'd like to keep this, but burn the paper, so i can bathe in that lovely warmth of the sun's presence. and perhaps yours?

peace out

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  1. I don't quite understand why...

    I totally forgot what I was going to say midsentence.

    You know why? Because it's nearly 5am, and I haven't slept.

    We are on a roll. A doughnut roll.

    Okay I'm getting peculiar. :P