Thursday, 5 November 2009

... but this time, all by myself , and thats the way i'll keep it, please.

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey
You know this could be something

There they go again, showing me music, imprinting themselves onto the track as I hear it for the first time, burning it, and them, into my association bank.
I can't listen to some music for the memories it brings forth. The regret, anger, tears, happiness, and angst they caused. It's been months since I dared to sing 'Broken' by Seether again after that week in February.
Fireflies makes my heart burst with excitement and freedom, because when i plays all i see is the black of night and the reflective street signs flying past at a speed way beyond those signs. And before that burst, is a rather sharp ache or sadness.
Chasing Cars is just a song, now, one that we would tell to eachother, seeing if we could recite the whole song to eachother, alternating words, without stuffing up. We didn't make it, by either standard.
And now I'm a memory, sitting in the lyrics of a song that warbles of a failed relationship that the singer walked out on.

Except this one band. I found them. Just me, no boys. Granted, thousands of people know about them..... Boys Like Girls.... but in my circle, me... just me. No memories attached except the feeling of running through a line of pine trees, without a soul in the world to judge, or criticise.

A smile splits the blank face, making apples appear in either cheek, and a shine glow from both eyes. The smile broadens, and she looks down, as though shying away from the notion, but all it is is submission to Happy. All by herself.

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