Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I had a Moment today, well, a few actually. The most surreal was whilst walking my beloved Gus down the route i normally take Rani because I can take her off the lead. It was, really, just the culmination of the feeling I've had all day, wondering at what point did my own writing stop and summaries of things that happen to me began. Have vowed to write something decent soon, though I did start one... but I dont think I can finish it because I have no idea where it's going. -.-

But that wasn't The Moment. I was listening to some rather trippy electro/new-age music, and noticed how manicured the grounds of this vineyard are, even the trees were so. But the trees..... there was all this grass on the right ofthe driveway up to the main buildings, and out of nowhere theres like seven trees of different sizes, all the same kind, sticking up outta the ground in a little clump like neon green lollypops.

I almost had to stop and do a double take - only reason I didn't was because I made myself look at the opposite side of the road, into the more scraggly bush, to get a bit more perspective. But still, with nobody other me and my dog - not even a car! - it was pretty eerie.

I think a part of it is me coming to terms with myself as a person, and myself as I interract with others. Perhaps I make things overly complicated. I'm not sure. But I realised, I need to relax, properly so, and stop worrying about how fragile this is. Fact is: it isnt fragile. He wouldn't have entered into it if he weren't sure, and I'm just here grinning from ear to ear cause he whispered in my ear so only I could hear, 'mine', and pulled me closer. And that was the Moment while staring at a dead tree on the horizon that I never noticed before.

'Cause if you jump
I will jump too
We will fall together
From the buildings ledge
Never look back at what we've done
We'll say it was love
Cause I would die for you
On Skyway Avenue

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