Saturday, 7 November 2009

Today is Saturday, and what a good Saturday it is : )

Well today certainly was an interesting day, to say the least: warm weather, drive to softball, home run XD, morning tea with sister, get home and garden for ages, then go and look at a car (the afterwards didnt go too well, put it that way). from this test i can officially say that i hate road noise, but if it's absolutely necessary then i'll deal with it. attempted biology revision. failed at that, and had a 2 hour chatty conversation with a friend instead :). took Gus on a walk and now i'm here.
well wasnt that a barrel of laughs readin that. i'll not put you through that again. onto more pressing topics....

1. i swear it's like attack of the killer bees outside, or at least, it was when it was light. all i could hear in my room was the dull roar of a swarm of bees making itself comfy in its brand new home: the roof RIGHT ABOVE MY BEDROOM. This is soooo not going to be fun later on, i'm hoping its only temporary and they, er, buzz off, soon, because it's not nice having 20 bees zooming around the house freaking out that they ended up on the wrong side of the glass. There's one currently sleeping on a tissue in on my windowsill. i think it thinks its a flower (its scrunched up). doesn't bother me though, because it's dark and bees cant fly in the dark :D

In other news, just to get real obsessive on you, some of the regulars may know that i keep a profile of my webpage, so i can see the demgraphic reading my words. for the most part, it's Aussies, several regulars are my friends, though there are a few very regular others - there's a new addition to these regulars I'd like to make special mention to, and no, i'm not a stalker, i'm simply referring to the data presented to my using an IP address that i cannot trace closer than the nearest global satellite tower. I make this mention somply because there as an IP addy from somewhere near Reynella that made many many recurring visits to different posts over the past few days. To whoever you are, thank you for taking the time to read through what is some of my best, and crappiest, writing. :) I'd like to know your thoughts.
Then again, that goes for everyone :) 'like/dislike' buttons are all well and good (jimmy :P) but text critiques are even better :)

Weather is warm and i only have 3 exams to go. Not worried in the slightest about the two most pressing ones - I merely need to re-read my notes on Art and i'm all set - there's not really anything to revise for Bio because i know it like the back of my hand.... or it feels like it anyways. Not sayin' i'll do no revision whatsoever.... just that i'll do it tomorrow after work. :P
So excited - am gonna be a social butterfly this summer - will have enough time to stay super busy, at the same time as being a lazy bum laying on the beach laughing with people i love to be around.

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