Friday, 27 November 2009

Today is Friday (for lack of a better title)

I love how I can always tell if Jimmy has read my blog by whether or not every consecutive post has a 'yes' ticked.

I also think my blog is rather pretty. That's just me being self-satisfied because its this dusty blue. *shrugs* It's calming, and gives me a chance to BLOW YOU ALL AWAY with my words.

...Or not...

I am loving this day. the plan was to take my dogs on a walk each (its too hard to walk both at once- Gus is constantly with ears back, pulling on the harness (yes, we had to et him a doggy harness - he pulls so hard on his chokechain and collar, he'd rather choke to death than walk like a normal person.... uh, dog. At least I have my angel baby. *love*

Anyway... This idea has since been put to rest because I havent eaten enough today to do a grand total of 12km walking (one lap per dog). And i've already had a shower today.
I have this thing about people showering more than once a day... it really bothers me - mainly cause I'm a water conserver haha... mostly. :) I mean, if you by some freak accident get cake hurled at you, or you fall in a puddle ass deep in mud or something, this is understandably, reasonably necessary :)
On the matter of not eating... its not that i'm not hungry, I am, and I have a very ripe nana with me as I type :) and a bottle of water :) but I figure.... the fruit salad that i WAS going to chow down on, is full of rockmelon.
I hate rockmelon. (I keep going to put a 'g' on the end of that. must stop typing rockmelong. Argh. For fucks sake!!!)
I'm usually pretty chill about food - I'll certainly try something. But yeah, I just dont feel like eating. I do worry this is going to fester as an eating disorder, though, because I am so supremely happy that I'm getting skinnier. I promise to all you that read this, and to myself especially, I'll take care of myself. Including eating properly. It's just one of those days, you know?
*munches on banana*
nom nom nom
*exact sound effect*

Miss A and I decided we had to write out cast lists for our lives. It saves having to explain things every time I say someones name rather than their association with me. I just realised that mine is so big it's going to need a venn diagram to go with it so when I say 'the crew' we both know who I'm talking about.

I am so vain sometimes: every time I see my face in a mirror, I stare at my eyes, then my jawline, and then back into my iris, and I smile. Because they're shining, and a smile is necessary. I'm getting wrinkles from smiling so much, but there is so much to smile about. He is the reason I smile so much, well, one of the reasons. I have a new friend who I am having much fun in setting up a birthday present for.
*And no, it isn't heaps of hassle, or expensive - I dont have the money for that kind of prezzie, so I'm doing something even better... *

Life is going so good, and i'm about to stick a spanner in the works, again, but you gotta do these things so that the road ahead may be smoother. To the statement 'you could do better', comes this reply:
Yeah, you know what, I probably could, but I'm quickly finding myself a part of a warm loving new brood (new to me) and I don't know why I feel like this, its rather illogical, but thats the way it is. And besides, the people best for you are those that make you happy, and this is what he does.

I am laying here on my bed, typing away, trying not to make too many spelling errors **notice the GRAMMAR in this one!**, watching the shadow of a bush that overhands our brick wall. as the clouds cover the sun, it disappears, and when they move on, the shadow reappears.
It's kinda a weird, trippy, analogy for life..... when the clouds cover up the sunshine, we disappear, but sure enough, the clouds dissapate and we return in full force :) :)

*phase one of bday present: complete*

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  1. What does that mean?! Phase one of birthday present!?

    Nooo. God I hate surprises, especially when I know I'm going to be surprised.

    Although having said that, I once had a surprise birthday party thrown for me, and because I 100% didn't expect it, or see it coming, I nearly cried when all my friends leaped out at me. Ahh.