Saturday, 14 November 2009

part 1 of a long post.

warning: this is one of my super duper long posts. and as such is in more than one part.

it's weird, sitting here realising that all i have to do is purge my room and i can stay up as late as i want on sunday night because there's no 6.30wake-up call for school. my life feels suddenly empty, and i'm trying to fill in all the gaps just so i dont find myself getting really desperate and painting the wall or something.
that reminds me...
but yes, i am a compulsive cleaner when i'm a)nervous b) on the phone c) unimaginably bored.
though, having said that, there is something deliciously enticing about the notion of laying on my carpet (once its vaccuumed so i'm not in an inch of ick) and just staring at the ceiling. i did that the other week, then realised my art major assignment was due. not much fun. and yet this time i can just lay there and do nothing (unless it happens to be 3.15 next tuesday in which i'll, again, gasp, bolt upright, swear rather violently, and race out the door).

had my eyelashes dyed today. of all the mornings i wanted to sleep in til 9.30, today was the day. sadly not. athe appointment was for 8.15. why oh WHY did i make it that early?!?!!? haha but that was a truly existential experience, laying in a dark room on my own for 15 mins or whatever, waiting for the dye to stick. looks good though - kinda trippy... i love it even though it didnt have that much effect cause i have black black lashes anyways. XD

yesterday was without a doubt one of the best days of my life. Maths exam in the morning, which kinda sucked, but it wasnt too hard - just enough to challenge me for the remaining 40 mins once every other part had been done (you'd think differentiating (1/3)piR^2(R+1.5) would be easy considering i know how to do it. alas not.) i sat there mentally abusing it until 12.12, after which i literally ran up the stairs, got changed in the study room... got stuck doing so (that was awkward) and then raced off to see if my car had been towed.

note to self: don't park in 'reserved' zones, directly in front of the sign stating any unauthorised cars will be towed at owners expense. too much mental stress.

drove straight to the Bridge, stereo up loud (you know your bass is too strong when you can see the rear view and side mirrors vibrating to the beat whilst going 100km/h). got to see person, had lunch by the river - one of the best things ive done, i think. only thing that could have made it better was a picnic rug (short skirt plus prickly grass is not a good combination).
drove home, chatting laughing singing and such *i know i go too fast, it's not my fault youre a bad influence on me lol*.
i have work in half an hour so i better keep typing (keep getting distracted).
i havent been swimming properly for aaages... its bleaching my hair!!!! so much for brown hair..... lols. oh well. kinda learned to skate. kinda. am going to need a lot more practice than 20 mins in a small area! mind you, racers and a skirt and sneakers arent the best clothes to be learning in....

art show last night. was epic proudness of it! everyone stuff looked so good haha. i admit i was disappointed i didnt get into the ssabsa art show, but i'm pleased the three that did get in, did- their stuff definitely deserves the credit! Though, I got the next best thing, and it totally made up for it - got the senior art prize. Much happiness at this - it came with a $50 voucher for premier art, which means i can start collecting up my studio stuffs - starting with a box of Micador Soft Pastels and some pastel paper XD woooo creative hobby here i come.

am somewhat sunburned from drying off on the trampoline yesterday. i'm rather upset by this as the other person with me, who is a fair few shades paler than i, didnt get red at all! though i do have a lovely tan from it, so i guess it makes up for it.... XD

am going to feast after work :) i'm excited - i've not been before and it sounds like a lot of fun :) :) :) my sexuality stays with me - i'm the support groupie haha not the one coming out, just so's you know. but yes..... another late night, i suspect, which is mildly a shame because i'm so tired from last night. it wasnt even that active, but i was asleep in the car on the way home, and still managed to stay up til past 12 for a reason i cannot for the life of me remember.

well, it's 11.50. i've got to scoot as i'm not even dressed yet in my blacks. :S o well. 3 min walk XD

will write again sometime soon, promise. i have many, many thoughts for this particular time of year.


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