Friday, 2 October 2009


it's a steel wire, being coiled into a a spring.
it's an excitement. and a horror.
i hate people that tag things with their mark, like they need to destroy things to make people notice them.
i wonder what went wrong when people shout their rage at the Institutions that make our world.
is it lack of education?
fear of not belonging that draws others together?
is it destroying the mind with the power of alcohol?
or drugs?
i hate drugs. their enticing effect of destroying reality. the way that what goes up must come down. the way they burn holes in pockets, the way they turn beautiful people into mindless zombies, giggling heaps, or raging bundles of dangerous muscle.
why do people take them? dont they realise its like swallowing poison?
same with nicotine.
drench them all in water. ruin them.
why do we do things that hurt us? are humans, beneath the surface, doomed to self destruct?
i think we are. not all, but some.
i feel hopeless that it happens
and that it is neither my place, nor my right to say a word against it.

the intimidation....
the makeup, the hair, the eyes, the clothes.
is all a facade.
we're all the same, beneath the clothes.
and yet..... we cannot get along, and meld normally.

I am of the catergory that loathes vandals, and has respect for the police. i like the ideals of our society. and i like order, even if this order is a little chaotic. i don't understand self destruction. i undertsand existentialism. i live it. but mutilation, agression, i do not undertand.

won't someone please help me to understand why?


  1. It isn't institutions that make our world. It is us. People.

    I want to clarify before I comment on this, I've never taken drugs, barely even had any alcohol, and I've never seen any reason for me to tag anything. But that doesn't mean I can't see some reason behind it.

    Tagging is a form of rebellion, undoubtedly. In essence, it's deliberate trouble-making. Now, to someone who has never felt neglected by the institutions, who has always had the protection of the police, and the care of doctors, like you or I, it is of no value to rebel against institutions. But if someone doesn't have the money to pay for a doctor's visit, or is treated badly by the police because of their appearance, for example, it makes them rebellious. Some people choose to express this rebellion as tagging. Tagging is generally on public property, and can be seen as a claim of ownership over the institutions that a tagger feels has neglected them. Overall, it's about subtle revenge, a retaliation to neglect. I'm not saying that taggers are excused. Tagging is obscene, and can really ruin a space. But in the end, institutions are composed of people, and taggers are people too. It's a struggle of people in institutions, mostly hard-working, decent individuals, fully committed to the principles of their place in society, against people who tag, mostly hard-working, decent individuals, fully committed to the principles of their place in society.

    Does that help explain? I may not be 100% correct, but that's how I look at it.

    I must run, I have a History paper to write. I'll probably write about the drugs bit later.