Tuesday, 13 October 2009

if the boys can do it, then why can't i?

it's so good, being able to be honest about things in normal conversation. granted, it gets a raised eyebrow every now and again, but still, most people seem pretty accepting.
it's nice.
i don't know why i was so worried about what others thought, it's too much fun mucking around to bother me any more, and if it's not okay, then that's fine, just find new friends. haha, though this isn't necessary. of the people that remain my friends, they're good ones. pruned back last season's buds so that in this upcoming season, the plant as a whole could flourish. well, i think that's working.

it's ironic that people develop labels for each other, even if those labels, while once appropriate, are no longer so.
i got 'but you're olivia porteous', from a friend of mine, like it's meant to mean something special (granted, it does, but in the context, it was intended to mean the little good girl that does everything by the book and never bends the rules, let alone break them completely). i quickly informed him that clearly he didn't know me very well and outlined exactly why. i've never seen someones eyebrows shoot up so fast. =) just one of my talents, i suppose.

but thats not the point. point is, i've known these people for seven years, and some of them i still don't even know, and they don't know me. it's becoming easier as the year progresses, but, let's face it, there's three weeks of seeing eachother regularly and then nothing.

i've met people that i don't ever want to see after i graduate.
and there are others that i don't ever want to forget.
it's the latter that i'm upset to be leaving behind.
if i work it right, i won't be doing that, but still.... it's a long stretch from seeing eachother 5 days a week.
here's to regular catchups with friends that i can just be my totally uninhibited self, just as i am, without the excessive censor on my mouth of what i think of the guys and girls that walk past.

if the boys can do it, then why can't i?

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