Thursday, 8 October 2009

i love

i love the sunshine.
i love the bus, even if it is at the most inconvenient of times.
i love sitting on the bus in the corner, watching the world go by as the sunshine hits my eyelids, and i can't help but smile.
i love the wind, the way it rushes through the trees at home so fast it looks like something might snap.
i love the smiles and the stares on the street i get on occasion.
i love my pooh bear hat and how it makes me feel when i put it on.
i love my dressing gown and its green fluffyness.
i love being around daniel and feeling so alive.
i love being with my sister and her commentary on life.
i love how she makes me laugh so hard i cant stand up, and end up on the sidewalk, in bubblegum and cigarette butts, laughing so hard it looks like im having a mental breakdown.
i love my friends and their humour and reliability and different perspectives on life.
i love brian and his practicality and warmth
i love justin and his, albeit alternative, attitude to everything.
i love hannah and her bubbly calm she instils on everyone she meets
i love dan/tony/dan (?!) for his never ending optimism and joviality about EVERYTHING EVER
i love jess and the unerring strength she gives me when i need help.
i love my parents for caring enough to put themselves last for almost eighteen years, so we get all the best things they can provide. i feel bad for acting spoilt on occasion, i know how hard dad works to give us the things we ask for.
i love my dogs and their weirdness, even if gus is a serial escapee, i wouldnt have them any different.
i love my school for the opportunities it's given me.
i love books and the power of knowledge they hold.
i love that i laugh at my own jokes, even if i'm the only one that hears them, or things they're actually funny.
i love summer and the beach and even the epic sunburn - its all a part of summer.
i love my red wedge heels and the power they make me feel.
i love that it's almost the end of my school life, even thoguh it's sad.

but, above all these, and including all these,
i love my life.

so, emo or not, you can stew on this for a little while. because and aside from a few minor things, i wouldn't have it any differently.
merely since if it was different, i wouldnt be me, exactly as i am, and, right now, i'm happy with who that person is.
regardless of whether you are, or not.

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  1. I wonder if I can "like" multiple times? I'm very much a fan of this one, keep it up... and I don't think you're emo, on account of all the loving and self-contentment =P

    As I think you've noticed, those few minor things don't matter... they're what makes you a rounded human being, and I'm pretty certain that neither you nor any of your good mates would have you any other way =D