Monday, 5 October 2009

a clothic revolution

have just spent the hour putting on clothes. this, to people that know how much i generally loathe shopping, would probably think this is some kind of strange and cruel punishment. not this time.
i bought five items of clothes at target the other day a week ago, in fact. while i lose the interest of many kiddies here, i shall continue. theyre nice clothes, actually. i went in there all by myself, which makes all the difference. i just saw something, liked it, and put it in my basket for the chagerooms. i had an hour to kill, so i could take my time, it wasnt rushed, and i left feeling happy because i'd bought ...
  • sea green floor-length dress
  • blue knee-length dress with clream embriodery all down the back
  • a slippery black and red skirt
  • a vest/t-shirt that looks like its been cut in half.
  • and..... a pair of aqua underwear that have 'if life gives you lemons, throw them at someone!' on the ass. (i saw them and there was no question, i was buying them. as it was, turned out they were 3.50 XD)
i put them on properly and paraded to my family just before. a rare occasion i only do when i buy really expensive things such as dresses for formal.

basically, i'm in love with these clothes because i now have 8 new outfits that look good and dont involve jeans and a tshirt.

i think that it's time to put aside the traditional livvy-isms and go with the flow because being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn is pointless, and now i can see why girls love shopping. looking good, feeling good, all over some stupid fabric and thread may be trivbial, and i knoiw there are many more things worth being happy over, but there, in my cupboard, are things that make me happy with myself, with my body, with me. that whisper of the fun i will have (and have had) in them. they whisper of summer, and smiles, and love, and heartbreak, and the peaceful knowledge taht life is looking ahead.

i for one can't wait.

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  1. But surely you were being stubborn for the sake of having something to be stubborn about?

    I know that clothing can give people self-worth, and make people happy with themselves. Certainly, our clothing can define us. And if it doesn't fit with us, that's part of the definition of who we are. It's great for clothes to make you happy! Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you've found self-satisfaction in fabric and thread. The question is, would you still be self-satisfied if you were wearing... a poncho over a dress, with a cowboy hat? If you wouldn't be satisfied with yourself in that, then perhaps those Livvy-isms are what you need...

    At this point I've probably turned it into way too much of an extensive essay, and you're probably wondering, "why the hell are you writing this, and why am I the only person who has to make this decision?"

    In answer to my own question, which you may or may not have asked, I'm writing because I want my good friend Liv to be happy, as she seems to be in these choices, but to be happy with herself regardless, and not stop at clothing. And I doubt she will stop at clothing, making this entire comment a piece of arbitrary rant and giving it no reason to enter into her consciousness.

    And in terms of making the decision, you're not the only one. You've probably realised this too. Again, this comment is probably paranoid bullshit. But self-definition is a life-long journey, and a journey we all travel.

    I'm really glad you're happy in the clothes you've chosen. Continue this journey, keep at it, and be the strong Liv that writes an inspiring blog and is generally a cool kid.