Sunday, 11 October 2009

i killed a forest

currently tired and not wanting to face tomorrow for fear of total meltdown.
have to front up anyway. i missed the last test by no fault of my own so i gotta go awesomeness in this one.
and this is where the panic sets in at the sheer knowledge that i'm gonna disappoint myself. again.
i would have been better off doing something else. or even sticking with japanese.
too late now.

in other news: it was such an awesome day, weather wise. its the first day in like 8 months i've been able to pad around the house barefoot in a singlet and skirt and not feel cold. and the rain!!!! my whole room smelled of rain cause if the open window. was fantastic. alas there is so much paper i had to close my eyes to actually appreciate the scent.
i killed a forest by doing year 12. mentally stimulating, environmentally devastating, this year is.

am considering taking the 'like/dislike' buttons off again and just sticking with comments. its easier for my ego that way, as self-serving as that is. i promise i'll write more decent things in a month.
there'll be whole stories for them.

FUCK i just realised i have two english assignments to do tonight.
well, looks like i'm pulling an all-nighter.
i hate that i'm so lazy. its so stressful. and while all you people out there are sniggering at my blind panic, i tell you to go shove it.


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