Friday, 9 October 2009

goals and dreams

a little whisper, in my mind, that i daren't say aloud in case it never happens. but then, i am a lucky person by the by, so i shall go ahead and say it anyway.
i have a little daydream of being one of those poets in the books we read at school. of being a columnist that people look forward to reading on a weekly or daily basis.
there is a poem i wrote that i stuck up on my wall. the first one i wrote in the style i love right now. it reminds me that i'm going to publish books one day.
even if i am a psychologist researching why the brain is amazing.

so there it is.

i will publish a book of my poems one day.
i'll write a column, or at least get my blog so popular it's more than 11 followers (not meaning to sound snobby, i heart the people that read it loyally)

the end.
just thought i'd say that.

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