Saturday, 3 October 2009

stream of philosophic consciousness

it's like putting a stone in the middle of a piece of soft plastic, just floating on the surface, and watching it sink.
it's clear, but its dark down there, and deep, and it's not long before it disappears out of sight, with the last remining air bubbles wobbling to the surface, before silence.
its a blank reassurance.
there is plenty of time, don't freak out.
it's a lie.
there isn't plenty of time, not in my mind anyway. months fly by so fast these days. maybe that's because there's a lot to fill in the hours. come summer time there will be days in which the only obligation i have is an early morning walk with my dog, and then hours spent swimming and laying in the sun, sleeping.
but then March will ... well.... march into this dream, and life will begin again, and people will disappear, and reappear, and disappear all over again.
and the world will resume its normal pace of 'hectic-to-the-point-of-exhaustion'
or maybe that's just me getting too used to the lifestyle of year 12.
it's almost over. i'm so excited. the exams aren't worrying me too much because i know they will happen whether i want them to or not, and i have to try my best at the time, regardless of the result. and then my world opens up. think...... the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, when they open up that TINY door at the end of the corridor, and they step out of a massive one into that incredible room.
that is me, by the door, about to turn the handle.

so tell me, my friends, what lies on the other side?

Oh, and a brief note about something i noticed the other day: there were links recorded on my statBlog about people being in the early 2008 and 2007 archives. i checked it out. all three years. people, though i suspect it is only one person, have checked 'yes' for every single post i've ever written.
unless this is a creepy stalkerish thing, to which i say 'bugger off'..... i sincerely hope that you read the posts rather than just clicked the buttons. i also sincerely thank you for the little bubble of happiness/pride i felt when i came to this realisation.
i would love for you to comment this post so i can actually say hi properly, regardles of who you are.
thanks XD


  1. I get the feeling you know the anonymouse person who did it rather well... but I could be wrong. I sincerely hope 'tisn't a stalker. I believe they would have spent hours and hours and hours, just sifting through the archives... =D

    About the rest of the post... life is an oxymoron. Maybe I say this from having the word in my head having commented your more-recent post. But time flies yet it stands still. And so on. I don't need to get philosophical too, otherwise the commenting on this post will be epic. But 'tis true... =D

  2. Also, again on the last bit, the cheeky bugger who did it obvious has too much time on their hands and needs to do some work once in a while. =D