Sunday, 4 October 2009

trust vs idiot

after reading yet another personal message, i feel inspired to write a little, hence this post.

i've never trusted people enough to tell them some things. for good reason: people are untrustworthy things- they have their proven this time and again with keeping their own interests at heart at all times, and boy oh boy i know some nasty characters in this regard. that's life i guess, but it grates against me to know that they exist and what the hell made them that way.
i never was one for keeping things in, either. i'm a chatterbox, ask anyone that knows me beyond the point of acquaintence, or even easier, look at the number and length of my posts on the beloved little blog of mine.
in any case.... this talkativeness often gets me in trouble with myself, and others. not because it is solely others tales i tell, but my own. my logic: i have to deal with any crap that comes along with it too.
these two things aren't exactly what you'd call a match made in heaven., but, this is how i am and how i will remain.
this is also not what i'm wrtiting about.
it is more a matter of silence. not my own, mind.
i think its ironic that people are so trusting of others. i guess its all a matter of experience:
fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, and shame on me.
i got lucky, and there hasnt been a second time. for some, these seconds come time and again, and we all sit down and wonder why?

don't get me wrong, faith is a necessary part of life. essential. but only to a point.
but at what point is that line crossing into naievety?

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  1. I guess that faith is vital. It's naive when it becomes blind faith, unquestioning faith.

    Just a thought.