Monday, 12 October 2009

oh, hello, so nice to see you again.

it's hard to express the intangible, but he's orange and yellow liquid glass, in this case. translucent and yet you see everything differently when he's around.
its reconnecting with people you lost for a while, and then found again.
trying to convey adequately exactly what 'i miss you' means, and the emotions it conveys.
to remember the laughs, and the tears, the scolding and the praise, all from the one kid i dared to open up to completely. the one i say 'love you' to and it settles between us comfortably, without any expectant other meaning. because it's a fact. i do love him.
he drives me up the wall and crazy with frustration sometimes.
but then he disappeared for a little while, post discovering there was another face in my world, at least for the moment.
never underestimate the power you hold with people. to you, it's just another moment. to them, its everything.
but sometimes it takes some pushing to remind us that it's these people that make us truly complete.
you see, life is mighty lonely without a best friend.
i got my best friend back today, and his name

is Brian.

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