Monday, 21 December 2009

ready set go

i have 15 minutes to fully articulate myself. ready set go.

1. talked with mum for the first time in a month without feeling like i was going to be eaten alive. it's lovely, knowing that people know, for the most part, where i'm coming from now. it's certainly made my bedroom feel a lot calmer. this in itself must mean something good because my room is like my sanctuary, and my bed, where i sit now, is my inner sanctum (fast fact: i hate it when people sit on my bed uninvited. unless i'm willing to welcome one with open arms, it's best to sit in a bean bag or on my desk chair. if this fails, the floor is surprisingly soft and comfy ^^). so it's nice to be able to sit in here and not feel like i'm living in someone else's skin.

it's also warm today - like, decent-ish summer weather. this always makes things better. as does showers. so to have both in one day, plus work in a little bit, is unimaginably nice (no idea if thats spelled right. cause i speak good England ^^)

my stomach is talking to me yet again. this is not surprising since i have had all of two decent-ish meals in the last 36 hours. both breakfast. both eggs. will definitley have to scrounge for something before i leave though - i can't handle another 6 hours without food. this could well kill me, or at the minimum, my blood sugar levels.

somewhat ruined an opportunity last night to mend things with family. ruined it by not being there, yet again. feel really bad about it, too, because i basically ignored my brothers plea for me to be there and my dad and my conversation about wanting to see Avatar the evening before. I'll go see it another time. Maybe tuesday? (i love cheapie tuesday mainly because i dont have anything else to do in those evenings.)
As it was, i've somewhat solved the main opposition re this, and have apologised. will be apologising to da when he gets home, assuming i'm here.

may not be there because i have a work dinner tonight at the pub. this is exciting because 1. its a good (free) meal (though not really free because it's the money from tips and recycling bottles etc) and 2. the chairs there have 'balhannah' on their backs in wrought iron. i love those chairs. what can i say? i'm amused easily.

am rather liking the format of this post because everything is unrelated and at the same time totally linked :)
random mention to Chloe whom i have decided i rather love, even if it did take me a few weeks to adjust to a culture shock.

i can hear a baby magpie squaking to mummy and daddy. i think its hungry. i'm considering telling it to shut up because as soothing as it is at the start, its REALLY annoying now!!!! shan't be here too much longer, mind you.

went to D's last night (probs shouldnt have but hey, i can't stay away even thoguh it IS costing me 1/4 a tank of petrol for a round trip). The poor guy was so tired he looked like he was asleep standing up. thats what happens when you get 6.5 hours sleep in 3 days, i suppose. it was nice, though, because since he was so comatose-ish, i could wander around n do my own thing for a bit, which is nice - i like being able to do this wherever i go, but i only do it if i'm feeling totally comfortable about my surroundings (ie 'you know where food and glasses are, if you want something, go get it yourself' kinda thing).

speaking of food....... *tummy rumble*
mmmmmmmm food....... lets see what is in Livvy's kitchen. back in a moment......

~ ~ ~ ~
Avocado sandwich. yummy.

and this is where i end my stream of consciousness for today, as i need to leave for work in a moment.

adios, amigos

peace out xo

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