Friday, 4 December 2009

DoE / beach / =)

there are four things on my mind right now: food, shower, going to the beach with april, and blogging.

the first and second because i have just woken up and decided to get on here after i was told i had to write something last night, but was too tired to do so. so here i am :) and the third (as i believe that explains the fourth also) is because i havent been t the beach for ages, and schoolies doesnt count. i didnt go swimming, how insulting.Fact of the matter is, it was far to cold to do so.

On a totally unrelated note, i have discovered that i've been using the old version of blogger to post things and as such have had these massively long posts clogging up my main page.... and then i discovered this little button on the new version that means i can hide most of my post. thats exciting - i need it hahahaa.

Am listening, again, to the song on my sidebar. Some people don't like such synthesised voices, but this little baby has my heart on a string. (though this could be the boy that showed me it, or the song itself - i am not sure)

I have the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award ceremony today... i just want it to be over and done with - i understand that this is supposedly a big achievement, but, truly, it wasn't that hard - i just did what i always do, and the only thing i went out of my way to do was the comm. serv. and i had an absolute ball working in the library. There's a job going for a part time library assistant at a local school. i dont know if you need qualifications, but i think it would be a good job for me after the things i did at my school's this year :)

anyway - back to this ceremony. it's all very strict with security, which is understandable - it's government house and all. I just think i didnt work hard enough to deserve this, is all.

Kinda the story of my life, right there.

Mind you, i've been around super-high actievers for so long, that average seems poor to me, and excelling is just the ordinary, and trying to compete just lost its appeal. That's why i'm so happy i got things at speech night. I'm most over the moon about the Eyre Prize for Creative Art than anything else. It wasnt the yr 12 art prize, but i am very very happy with this one, so i shall not complain about the fact i feel ripped off that i was getting 19's and 20's in theory and still missed out.


I am truly excited by the fact it's going to be a nice day today - i hate yuck weather, including cold and rain. actually, just cold. and cloudy.i like the rain so long as i'm wearing the right clothing for it. It's just one of those moments when you can go and stand in it, arms raised, staring at the sky, letting the rain wash you clean, before you come inside, into a hot shower, and warm clothes, and warm arms, there to welcome you home. thats why i love the rain. it has no expectations. it falls, no matter what it falls onto. it's just one huge cycle, like the carbon and nitrogen cycle.

i need to get photos pf people and blutack a collage on my wall of them - i have stuff arranged in an artistic diagonal from the top of my door frame (the fact i could reach it without a chair was a miracle ) - but they're more words, things i need to remember, and photos i've taken, rather than people.

This means a trip to office works. XD yay. i love office works ... :O wait... that also means i can get an auxiliary cord too..... YAY *excited now*
For the record, in Aus, Officeworks is the best bang-for-your-buck with photoprints. Harvey Norman is almost double the price. *disappointed*

: )

I need to pick like 80 photos now..... 80 pics for $12. im happy :)

okay, will blog later. and fix this one up. i need to go have a shower and look somewhat decent for today.

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