Sunday, 6 December 2009

For the most part, feeling pretty good. Went to stay at the place D is housesitting. Almost had a heart attack when my alarm on my phone went off to tell me it was time to drive home. I hate not being allowed to sleep over. Come to think of it, i just hate my alarm more. **note to self: change alarm to something a little less harsh ** It actually is beginning to really piss me off. But rules are rules, and I know how important it is to keep this one, and not challenge it, at least for now.
I'm not entirely sure what happened last night - a lot of laying around not doing anything other than sleeping (its been a long week for both of us), but something else happened, mentally - for one thing I entertained the idea aloud that maybe I have jumped into the abyss...... even though I shouldn't have. 
Also realised that my ragged breathing courtesy of this stupid cough that I can't shake.... sounds vaguely like crying when you can't see my face. Whoopee. Whooping cough? Nah.

Finished work really early today - it was great. What isn't so great is that I'm going to have to go get another job for during the week as apparently I'm not needed during the week (am fairly certain I am, seeing as there are multiple people going on vacation in the next 2 months). Oh well....... I wanted to apply for Mitre10 anyway - I love it in there (and not just because the boys in there are very nice on the eyes) 

^ ^

Have a new friend. I like it. He's pretty similar to me, but has a tendancy to be melodramatic. This is okay because he also doesnt get offended when I tell him to shut it and pull his head in. Though, the paranoid part of me wonders if i leave myself alone and open to him (no pun or innuendo intended), that it will turn into a case of retribution for something that happened in the past (not MY past, his and D's)..... and i REALLY don't like the way that heads in terms of exactly what kind of retribution. O.o
*push that thought aside*

Going to the movies tonight, I'm pumped :) Havent hung out with Sam for ages. People think its weird, I don't care. He's good fun.

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