Sunday, 13 December 2009

Giving Up on Going Out

I don't sleep past 8 these days. I'm not entirely sure why, perhaps I'm just used to it now. I don't do a lot of things nowadays. Iust the way it is, I suppose.

Went into town last night, or rather, tried to. Spent a bit too long getting ready at April's with her and D, and missed the bus, so mucked around for the hour til the next one. Never had an energy drink, not a whole one, before then, and so a Red Bull energy shot combined with me drinking about 4 shots of JD's in an hour (a lot considering I rarely drink), sent me rather excitable on the bus. Got into town, amazingly excited about going out properly with people I rather love to be around, only for to fall flat on my face, metaphorically speaking (I'm never drunk enough to fall over any other way ^^ ).
This week, there is a police blitz each weekend evening in cities all over Australia because they are tired of drunken misbehaviour. As the woman at Winstons told me, its a $10k fine to her and the owner if they let me in and I get caught. Stupid school ID. Ruin my fun.
I cried the whole way home, not because I felt hard done by, or some injustice had occurred, but simply because I'd been looking forward to that for about a month, and I was the youngest there and of course it was going to happen. Felt a bit like a temper tantrum , sulking about it for the hour it took to get home, get my makeup off and crawl into bed. I hate that level of disappointment - it hurts! And this is why I am sitting in bed at 8.20 am writing on here rather than sleeping off a hard night. *grumbles at lameness of my life*

I'll stick to mucking around at home, I suppose, not that I do that anyway. I will be doing it next time, though. I'm sick of the same routine. I know mum was basically like 'its a blessing in disguise' or something. I don't think she wanted me out even though I was with D and regardless of how he gets I'm fairly certain I can say 'I need you' and he's there. Cause he's amazing like that. Mind you, I've decided I like straight JD's ... don't like it with coke, but that's cause I'm not a fan of coke, I suppose - the bubbles make me feel too sick. Can tick that one off the list ^-^

Friday night went a rather a lot better than last night, though. For one thing, I only needed an ID to get in to avoid gate crashers. There was less people there than I expected, considering how huge the venue was, but it was a good night. Stole D's flannel shirt to wear. It's too big, which is to be expected, but I certainly got the assumption of batting for the same team from most people. I didn't care, I just noticed it a lot is all... was too tired from working all day plus an early start to be bothered, besides, I'd rather wear what I did than the amazing LACK of clothing from most other girls. I have actually never seen smaller dresses than I did then. Ew. So not good.

I'll let you in on a secret: I'm wearing that shirt right now cause it makes me feel better when I do ^^ I'm going to have to wash it and give it back this week though *grumbles*

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