Friday, 11 December 2009


you know that feeling that you want to swallow all someone else's pain, so they don't have to feel it anymore?
I'm feeling vaguely like that after a somewhat unusual day of moving house. it's always seemes a cleansing experience to me, and thats the way i took it today, hanging out with D's family to help them uproot yet again. I'm just happy that he wasnt there, seeing as he hates moving so much. Which is where i happily step in to take his place, despite being considerably smaller.
I had fun moving things double my size and weight, but god, i would hate to be a professional removalist!
But, yes, moving takes its toll on everyone and i'm pretty worn down, only to be going out as soon as dinner arrives and i eat. I am definitley going to be sleeping LATE tomorrow, even if i have to move onto the floor to get away from that sunlight. i swear that's the sky's version of a practical joke, being so damned bright in the morning.

I stole d's shirt. well, technically i asked if i could take it for tonight..... so no stealing, but I'm over the moon about this regardless. It doesn't look as eye-popping as it does on him, but hey, checked shirts are good on everyone.

I have to go now, but i will be writing an awful lot down in the next ..... three days or so, because otherwise i'll forget, and i don't like this uneasy feeling, that i need to do something, anything, to make life easier for a particular someone, and it's making me want to cry because i can do nothing

..... or can i????

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