Wednesday, 25 March 2009

James' Headstone

nothing special, other than that i had a good hard laugh over this little snippet of a conversation today....

Liv says:
so what you up to today?

James says:
still esl~~~if i keep doing esl....i could die~~~ lol

Liv says:
hehehe, I'm imagining the headstone...

James says:

Liv says:

"Here lies Lvcheng, a bright young man.
Died completing ESL homework"
lol lol lol

James says:
lol..... ha
i prefer
"Here lies Lvcheng, a bright young man
buried alive by Liv,
who thinks I died from completing esl homework"...

.....yes, the kid's got a sense of humour....
sad thing is, i'm pretty sure i can imagine that happening o

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