Sunday, 15 March 2009

choice. decision. dating..... what?

so here i am, bored out of my brains, desperately not wanting to do homework.
the fact is that i have to, but me wanting to or not is something totally different.
so, i flitted my way through the Internet, flicking over sites, then i found a dating website, did a double take, and began to read. it was the typical dating rules.
as i read them, i became more and more irritated.
there was a particular emphasis on tardiness. late replies to things, late arrivals (which, for the record, i have perfectly down-pat anyway), late everything. letting him pay for everything.

maybe I've grown up in a more even world than this, but that strikes me as wrong. if dating is a game, then isn't someone the loser, and someone else the winner?
maybe its because i am still in awe of just how well yesterday went, and that, as i have previously mentioned to mum, i think i have found a keeper in this one. *beams*
but i don't know.... for all i know this could fail dismally, leaving me in pieces on the floor..... yet again.....
but lets face it, its too hard to be persistently depressed. being happy is much more fun :)

which is why i say this:
for the past, for hurting people, i am sorry. but i would not change it if i was given a second chance. i love where i am right now. i love that i am back in reality, flying over the tough spots with Him holding my hand, making the stress bearable.

green. emerald green. like glass.
curved, unusual, beautiful.
sure, bold, unafraid.

slash of bright yellow, then darkness.

at first, black. nothing else.

and then, it lightens as my eyes focus on them.

chestnut brown, encompassing the one orb of black in the very centre.

the same as every other of its kind in the world

but these chestnut brown eyes hold something more.

once flat and unreadable, now full of meaning that i can read.

and i know I'm in there somewhere,

behind those eyes, in the complex state that is thought,

with his fixed on my own blue irises, looking down at me.

knowing that among the green and brown,
is where i belong.

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