Saturday, 14 March 2009


just a super duper fast post to tell you all that i've just had the greatest day in history.
softball (2 games, each with its own frustrations)
formal shopping - to which i reply I BOUGHT A DRESS. no description though, want people to get the full effect in photos and in person (i promise i'll post a photo on here at some point in time when i'm all glammed up and sexiful .... which is a bit hard in such an elegant dress, but hey, who cares?!)
He met my parents today. everyone cept my siblings really like him (cause my siblings are just too stuck up to occasionally realise i REALLY like this one). even the dogs, which is weird. Rani, the guard dog, didnt even bark at him. not one woof. which is epically WOW - shes never done that to anyone before. am euphoric at today because of him and because of the dress, and the only reaction he could give was 'liv wow' when i twirled around (carefully) to show him and my dear dad, who approved. :)
*sighs contentedly* well, this is the best day of the school year by far. may there be many more to come.

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