Tuesday, 17 March 2009

“I, sir, am not a lesbian”

Upon finally telling the appropriate person about who I wanted to take as my “partner” to school, he informed me that the principal would be required to sign off on the arrangement. This is not normal procedure and it did not happen last year. On the question of why: in 2009, my year 12 formal ‘date’ is a girl. My best friend, to be exact. This exact same thing has happened with two of my friends, both taking female friends that are no longer at school, or never went to ours in the first place. However, it seems that they did not have a problem with the sex of their partner. Apparently, this influx of same-sex partners has never happened before. I call foul on this.
I have heard that those at all-girl schools must sign a ‘lesbian form’ as they are so-called, stating that they are not ‘together’, or are both straight. There’s another hearsay that students at such schools must have it on a record at school of their sexual orientation is anything other than straight up and down. I do not know if this is true, having never attended a single-sex school (the notion of education without guys was too mortifying to possible be an option when I moved schools for the last time.) though I think the notion is obscene. I can understand the reasons behind it, slightly, with sexual harassment etc, but the fact is that that happens regardless of gender anyway... whoopee doo.

I write this to express my intense irritation over the idea that I have to have my partner approved by the top dog at school, all because she is a girl.

Is anyone else seeing a slight flaw in the ‘anti-discrimination’ policy here?


  1. So we get taught to discriminate as to the gender of our partner? Wow, there's another goal for anti-discrimination policy.

    Maybe it's the influx, I hear that those dangerously open-minded lesbians are looking to infringe other people's freedoms with an uprising...

    It defeats comprehension.

  2. yeah, it really does defy comprehension, but I'm going with James now anyway, so its all good
    *massive cheesy happy smile cause I get to go with my boyfriend*