Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Missing you

I found a couple of sound clips on my iPod just now, from long ago.
I had saved them all to a file because most are songs Tony wrote, one of which was mine, once... I doubt he calls it that any more, or ever will again.......
These weren't songs.
Amidst the Cinematic Orchestra and Boys Like Girls, were two voices I know so well I could recognise them after years apart....

'i love you, Livvy'
'i love you, too'

That's it. Three seconds worth of talking of those that formerly were referred to as 'my boys'.
It made me cry. It leaves a hole in my heart, knowing that neither of them are there any more, that one wants nothing to do with me, and I suspect the other is the same.

Just thought I'd write that down....
Just in case one of my lost boys reads this.

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