Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I Love Wednesdays

I love Wednesday week B's
Not only are they 6 study lessons in a row, it means I can sleep in til 9, and work in the warm silence of my own living room, wearing whatever I choose, rather than a school uniform in a strangely odorous classroom.
Wake up at 7 from noise in living area/siblings/psychotic dog. 8.45: roll out of bed (may or may not be 9.30 depending on tiredness). Cook brekkie <(^.^)>. Start homework. Thankfully, I'm not interrupted at 2.30 by mum telling me I have to go get dressed out of pjyamas for softball training this week. Much joy at this. So shall be going over legal studies notes etc and english for what I suspect may be 9 hours, if last WedB was any indication of the Hell I'm about to delve into once i finish this post. Ah good ol year 12 - so much noting, so little time.

Am looking foward to thursdays after-hours stuff though: netball trials (not to self: bring hairspray for grip on shoes) til 5 and then Art Workback and pizza til 7.30. Which means that I'm going to be buggered for revision of the legal studies test on the Friday. Joy of joys. Lets hope I don't fail this one. I'm praying 75% but that'll be a miracle. Honest to God it was a bad choice. But theres nothing I can do about it now, I have to stick it out, deal with it, try desperatley to do the best I can and maybe just maybe get a TER over 90.... though I doubt it. Knowing my past history, it'll be like... 89 or 88 or something.
What an epically stupid number.

Oh well.
Such is life.
15 minutes

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