Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chat, chat, chat, surprise!

No one reason for posting today.

after feeling supremely content at that outburst/previous post yesterday, then even more amazingly pleased from meeting His mum and sister, i feel somewhat like i should be singing from the rooftops, or something to that extent.

every day is filled with new experiences. some easy, simple, like trying new food, others, like trying to get your boyfriends sister to not be afraid of you, are a little more difficult. and
some are just downright new. nothing else to say about them.
but no matter what the experience, i try to take it in my stride, deal with whatever life throws at me. and if this is hardship, or joy, or something in-between, then so be it.

all i can say is this:

oh, so this is what it feels like to be treated right, to feel safe and comfortable with everything about someone. wow, i think i like this, can i stay a little while, soak it up? please?

so here i sit, after work, after the best 24 hours of a long time, totally content with where my life is.
just thought i should say that.

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