Monday, 9 March 2009

sunday's with strangers

the sensation of security amongst strangers doesn't come easily to me. indeed, it is almost nonexistent. yet, with a hand on me somewhere at almost all times, it's hard to feel unsafe.
(NB: at no time was it somewhere inappropriate for a social gathering)

so, as it has been put to me: why is meeting these people such a big whoop? well, the simple answer is that it means I'm wanted to stick around for a while. no point introducing me if I'm not going to be a part of that scene for much longer.
made some friends :) yay.
and though i am shy, especially when the majority of people are not going to speak English around me, it was a comfortable silence once i was no longer the strange freak show to be stared at when they thought i couldn't see, and for people like Single, when i was looking. (note: Single's awesome, no doubt about that, so it's all good ^^)
i will never forget the outright shock when they saw his fingers laced with mine, and he explained who i was, and the quick question from Single: 'does she have any friends she can introduce me to?' *chortle chortle* (my reply: come to our school one afternoon and I'll introduce you, but i don't know .....)
i don't want to relay the whole day, because as good as it was, its more or less boring for everyone else, or painful.
*feels bad*
mmmm but yes, wanted to express my supreme contentment and impatience for tomorrow to come -- with Tuesday comes school, and in turn, giggles from myself and his school friends over the interrogation he's had over how the hell he kept it from them. so it's all going to be a lot of fun. one thing's for sure: things are going to be different from now on.
*grins happily and melts into a happy puddle*


  1. It's less thought-out/comprehensible than your other pieces of writing, that's got to be a good sign!

  2. hmmmm, well, i'll def have to say its not meant to be one of those supremely philosophical posts i love to write - i have one to write about teen pregnancy soon actually - but i don't know if it being so disjointed is a good thing. certainly the happy feeling that caused me to write is a good one, though me feeling like i have to censor my writings because of a certain reader's feelings and me being afraid to hurt them any more. so...... i'll have to solve that. :) anyways, ta for the comment.