Sunday, 15 March 2009

no title tonight.

there are several things swirling around in my mind at the moment. just from listening to my parents talking whilst putting away the dishes.
it's hard to go through it all.
my primary concern is work. my work. i work at a cafe which i love doing for the most part. although, since Chantelle left for Mildura, it's not going to be the same. the last time at work involved the most nightmarish customers i've ever had to deal with. i'm almost afraid to go back, just in case i have to deal with the customers.
but that's life in the hospitality industry.
but the Clipsal500 is coming up, which means i'm going to be working non-stop from just past sunrise, no sport, no friends, no homework, no nothing. eep.
Leah and Ann have tried to impress onto me just how hectic this week will be for them - they were on the track the other year. 5 people in the kitchen, 4 out the front..... far out brussel sprout!
anyway, this is partly a gripe session, because, like the typical child-sponge, have seen some concerns that my mother has also noticed....
one would think that payment would be every week, or on a specific date, at least, and that would be the regular pay-day. i've been skipped out on a couple of times, i think - my payday keeps changing from tuesday to wednesday a week to fortnightly. its so confusing!
anyways, thats my whinge for tonight....

have you ever noticed what a difference one letter can make?
add an 'e' to heroin and you have a saviour, a leader. without it its a destructive drug that destroys people.

thought that was rather interesting, cause when those two words are said, they sound the same, almost. ironic much?

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