Friday, 20 March 2009

Go fuck yourself, anon bloggers

Just a fast note, an angry note, to tell you that I HATE it when people leave anonymous messages. 
Just like the first people that posted mean comments.

Two brothers, one that i have never met, that has never spoken to me in my life, just as bad as one another, taking a cheap hit at me on the only thing that I look after religiously, the only constant, sometimes the only thing keeping me sane.

To you I say this: grow, up, get a life, and truly if you have any intention of getting ANY friends once you leave school, then please think long, long and hard about the way you treat people, because mean, vindictive cowards are not going to get far in the world and I hope you end up miserable if you don't change your ways. 

I thought we were okay, nothing wrong at that stage of life, as far as I knew, yet you did this at a time of peace.

So, this is why I write this, angry and hurt that someone I though was on good terms with me, is not. 

Go Fuck Yourself.

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  1. Hallo Lulu,

    positive blog.

    Two links that make me sane.
    Perhaps for you interesting.

    All the best.

    Richard / Germany