Thursday, 4 February 2010

Random post of smile.

After doing the rather egotistical thing of searching for my own name on several months ago and finding some unpleasant definitions, i decided i do not like the site. however, facebook at the moment has a chain status going around about searching your own name. so, seeing as i have nothing better to do whilst eating brekkie, i did this, albeit apprehensively.
In my own little world, it's my friends that posted it. really, i have no idea who writes these things. i dont usually like the site because its just a board for open slander about people. however, this came up:

1. olivia

A beautiful wonderful hearted girl.
Wonderful to talk to . Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN.
That girl Olivia is awesome.

I was rather pleased. This has begun the day in a rather cheery, warm-fuzzy-feeling kinda way : ) 

Hope yours are all good too : )

1 comment:

  1. 1. Justin

    Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful.
    1:Hey, honey
    1:I bought you some flowers
    2:Your such a Justin, I love you!!!
    justin majors cool rock emo punk kindhearted nice sexy hot hott sexxy
    by Justin Majors Sep 28, 2007 share this

    I won't post the second one ;) haha

    Good to hear you're well hon. :D