Monday, 22 February 2010

Growing Up from Invisible to Someone

How do people find me? I'm just one relatively-insignificant voice in a cyberspace full of trillions of other pages, and yet, people from all over the world find me, and comment, or take note. Some people are interested enough to read what I write on a regular basis (see 'The Regulars'), and it's always rather exciting to see this number grow, from one, to five, to eight, to thirteen, to fifteen. Sure, some people like Single Parent Dad have almost 500 regulars, but hey, its a bigger audience, and a 'blog of note' - Kudos, by the way on that.
Most people know me, but some have no idea, courtesy of Googling 'little notepad' or something of a similar description, and of course Facebook. I think that's rather cool - woot for the internet :) And for readers :) *no sucking-up intended*

Around here, the population is relatively small..... but Adelaide suburbs range almost 100km north to south - and urban sprawl has almost linked Elizabeth with the rest of the metro area. Scary stuff, right there. We like our house-with-a-garden-and-white-picket-fence thing too much I think. This is okay with me because I'm far enough away, tucked behind the hills, that it doesnt bother me, and I get cheaper, better produce than the 'burbs :) *win*
:) sorry, I just love the Hills and have no intention of leaving to be closer to the city.

On somewhat Hills-related another note, Matt's coming over tomorrow and I am rather excited. I'm also excited that I now have friends in Mt Barker and closer to home rather than having to go into the city to see everyone. Before this, however, I have my Uni Orientation Day thing, and I'm terrified of it, primarily because I'm scared of being around strangers my own age. Grown-ups, I'm fine with, but people my own age and I freeze. I guess the best thing is that everyone else has little or no idea as well, and it's just a matter of finding Alissa (a friend of a friend) to talk to at lunch, and being friendly and asking to sit next to someone while in lectures. Not just this, but I have no idea how things work (hence the necessity of attending this day rather than working in the bakery.)
But.... My first lecture is in a week today, I got an email with the course outline booklet attached for my first ever uni lecture, and it all looks pretty warm an fuzzy for the first week, the coordinator seems lovely (though she has to deal with the babies of the higher-ed world, so lovely is a prerequisite.)


No joke, it scares me that much. Fuck, I can talk to 1000 people in an amptitheatre (doing that as a 14 year-old would kill ANYONE'S fear of public speaking), but I can't talk to one person. Methinks some decent comforting is going to be necessary afterwards. This is where Matt comes in.
Wheeeeeeeeee *floats around excitedly*. Seriously, it's a little scary how good being around this guy makes me feel. Such a nice change :)

I missed this feeling. It all balances out... but, truly..... I think I could be onto a good thing here.


  1. I think it's kinda creepy that people find you when you want to be invisible!! But it's nice too. I sometimes wonder what people look for when they find me. I get a lot Jigsaw puzzlers.

    CJ xx

  2. What can I say, I'm just a people magnet :P