Friday, 19 February 2010

I vote 'Bookshelf'

i think that today is going to be a relatively good day - it's going to be hot though so if i was sensible i would take the dog out for a walk now... but this means that the other one will go apeshit at being left home alone and lets face it, i can't control a hyper-excitable staffy and a ridgeback at the same time, regardless of how well behaved Rani is.

The gum trees are shedding their bark again - it's just that time of year, when summer heat isn't so potent and the sunny days begin to wane. The naked tree underneath is pale, totally the opposite of the bark it now removes. It's pockmarked, too. I can see it from here, 30 metres or so away, lots of little indents that would be strange to the touch. And, in three weeks, then the winds come by and strip them of the last remnants of yesteryear, they will stand anew, pale, tall, and a little bigger than before, ever growing, ever repeating the same cycle that is their life.

In my room, however, is another kind of shedding - its as though the storage containers have burst and it's spilling out in little clumps all over my room. There's a box which, ideally, I should put my shoes in because its just the right size. There's a bag of things I'm giving to the Salvos or goodwill or something, and then there's my desk. Heaven help me with that desk. It's not that it's terribly messy, there's just more stuff than I have space for whilst still being able to use it as exactly that. In part, its because I need a bookshelf - I have nowhere to put the rising number of volumes that are quickly overtaking said desk space.

To state the bleeding obvious, it's Friday. Already. Where did my week go?! I have no memory of what I did on Wednesday. At all. Had the high-achiever assembly at school on tuesday, went out and was busy busy all day..... and Wednesday..........

I cleaned my room. Ah yes. See, this really is becoming a 5-part saga, this whole cleaning of the room business. I need more space, and less stuff, but I use almost all my things. Hence dilemma.

I vote bookshelf.

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