Sunday, 7 February 2010

It is time.

I’ve had a spectacular day, which I will proceed to tell you about, because I thought it was rather an amazing thing.

Work, as per usual. I was looking forward to it because there’s this boy who comes in every Sunday to grab a sausage roll before he goes to work at mitre10. Chooky realised its cheaper to buy gatorate elsewhere. Hes fair cute, these cheeky brown eyes that crinkle when he smiiles, and a shy smile. Only problem is its REALLY hard for me to work out how old he is. I have a sad inkling hes too young, but with those stupid frosted tips gone, its hard to tell. Mich said she’d ask if he came in during the week for me. I’m happy. I actually spoke to him today, and have resolved to do so every time he comes in – hes been in enough that I may as well, he recognises me so im no some weird freak. Ahhhh I’m excited :D

So, that kept me going for a few hours. Will endeavour to get his number next week : )

Then, at 4.28, literally JUST before closing, this song comes on the radio, and I was at the fridges, and I stopped, gasped, and SPRINTED for the radio to turn it up. “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train had come on. I have never met anyone who knows of this song, nor did I know it was popular anywhere. I suspect it’s going to be much more so soon though, its very catchy. So, there I am singing my lungs out to this beautiful song, and a customer comes in, catching me mid lyric and rather embarrassed. Ah well, he was the last before closing.
As I was walking the signs back from the roadside, I realised… this was a perfect day, and I hadn’t thought about Daniel all day. And in that moment, with the sun on my face, about to unlock the door, I realised….. I don’t need him.

I love him, and I always will in some way or another, but……. I am just fine without him. I laugh, and I play, I work and I socialise. I miss him terribly, because I’ve not been that close to someone in a long, long time, and its hard to adjust, but I don’t need him. He was a crucial force in shaping a part of me, and I thank him for that. But, clearly he doesn’t need me and, well, I shouldn’t waste my pretty little head crying over someone that was too stupid to realise what he gave up.

It’s time to move on.

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  1. A wise girl once told me "The trick with it is to remember the good stuff, in the same way you remember the other good things gone by, like the ice cream van singing Greensleeves, or running through sprinklers."