Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Drip, Drop.

I love the rain. It washes everything away from the old world, beating down, eroding everything. Often it's cold and unpleasant and creates unpleasant moods as a byproduct of the amazing lack of sunshine. And yet...... then it stops, and the cool air rushes in my window to the sound of crickets and frogs singing to the night. A plane flies overhead and it feels cleaner than before. I still sit here in the same place as before the rain, but now a quiet has settled over my garden, content, peaceful. The rain has brought life and freshness to the world outside my window, which in turn meets me here in my room, reminding me that logic, optimism and determination is the rain that washes away my own mess, leaving me clean, calm and collected, ready to bring on a new day and all the challenges it presents. I love the rain.

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