Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Favourite Pants

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment, because Uni starts on monday and I have no idea what's happening. Well, thats a lie. I just need it all in hard copy - the computer is brilliant for typing, but I hate reading on here, where I can't highlight things. At the moment, all I have to do is turn up and pray that I wasn't meant supposed to read a heap of things before-hand.
I'm reading the COMM 1033 information book thingy online and, after having read the same thing for another subject, I'm seeing that these assesment styles, rules and so forth aren't all the same. The only thing that seems to be constant is the grading weights - apparently I need to keep a GPA of 5.0 to stay in my course (any lower and I'm booted out of Honours and into Pass =\) but that's about a Credit's worth, which is 60 - 74%-ish. I was like, ".... Oh... is that all?"

Wow I felt conceited after realising I'd thought that.

But..... no one I want to chat to is online and so I can't talk to people about this at the current moment, sadly. My parents are out and it's very quiet in the house as we've all retired to our rooms to do whatever it is we do. I'm considering sticking in an Age of Empires CD, to pass the time til some such person DOES come online.

At the same time, I'm beginning to feel like I want to be left alone. I understand why some people are unsociable - indeed, I'm very much like this a lot of the time... and yet... I love being around people so much, at work, and with close friends, even just....... ah I don't know, I sleep better when there's someone else in the room, regardless of where in it or what they're doing there. I almost fell asleep on Matt's shoulder the other day because I was so content to just exist there.

I love that feeling of content emptiness that settles over my mind when I'm with people like him. It's not a 'Crap, I can't think straight when you're ......', like it was every time I'd look at Daniel's face, where I'd forget what I was saying or doing, it's more...... 'It doesn't matter, because we're here and safe and life is good'.

I'm wearing the trakkies April gave me, and I have since decided these are my favouritest ever pants, even over my $4 Op shop jeans that were, no joke, tailored exactly to my height (courtesy of someone using a pair of scissors before i nabbed them). It's funny how I could spend over an hour on getting dressed up, makeup, looking nice..... and yet I've never felt more ... beautiful? sexy? i don't know....... than in a good pair of track pants.

It brings back an image, which i'm certain isn't even real, of waking up in the morning, in just a singlet and trakkies, wandering out into the kitchen, seeing my partner there, and just grinning sleepily, and seeing that expression of love that says, 'Even with smudged last-night's-makeup under your eyes, bed hair, and old pants, you're still the most beautiful person I know.' And so, every time I look at myself in the mirror in these pants, I see that in my head and smile. And that's why they're my favourites.

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