Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday and me

it's so tempting to just sit here in the sun, or aly on the grass with my dogs... well, dog. Gus has run off...... again. i need a damned tracking collar for him!!
was thinking - i reckon its apt that the personal messages on MSN spark so much of it. my ex's pops up every now and again, and despite resisting my intense curiosity to know what they mean, it certainly allows me to ponder things.
i don't even know how long it's been since we broke up. i'm sure if i checked my facebook messages i could find out. it doesnt matter, anyway. it feels almost like summer, which means that the sun is going to burn away any ill feelings of mine towards people, and myself.
hence why i'm outside.
no grammar today as really can't be bothered putting it in - this is a stream of consciousness and, lets face it, i don't put full stops in my ideas.
but back to the main point, i wonder where things went? it doesnt bother me anymore since i've moved on, other than my mobile phone, about as much as one can in a few months. despite the odd depressing bout of nostalgia, life is good, made my peace with their memories.
.... the wind chime is driving me up the bloody wall....... stupid breezy breeze.
courtesy of new Person, have discovered Owl City and have thusfar fallen in love..... with the band, that is. Other will take a lot longer than two weeks. anyways...... seriously. listen to it!!!!!!
all this rain has made my garden explode, i just joticed. EVERYTHING is green, even the cracks between the pavers are full of chlorophyll and furry (or prickly, for that matter) Rani can't see over the weeds in our orchard that are now idolising the bean stalk that Jack climbed, and making a good attempt at imitation.
pink fingernails are an instant energy/excitement booster. now all i need is lime green colour and i'm home free.

hey, be nice, i'm just easily excited these days ... i have to be, otherwise the certain fatal ending of the world would make me rather sad.
thats another thing, actually, i can understand the power, the anger, the passion, of rap (yes, i know, MAJOR tangent)... but i've been listening to Bliss n Eso a lot and it makes me wonder if this anger is misguided.... not just theirs, though, in general.
It's pretty well certain that the teenagers and young adults that keep in touch iwth things other than themselves feel pretty hopeless about life as a whole and the way things are going. this was blindingly obvious in the 1990's generation (of which we are the younger counterparts) with the age of apathy and angst, standing hand in hand. they say the small things make a difference. it's so hard to believe these days with global EVERYTHING. eh. gotta wonder what the point is.
just all agree to direct that energy into ONE thing, and work it one issue at a time. granted, everyone has different opinions, and i reckon thats where democracy fails sometimes. the good of society gets lost in the arguing for ones own interests. never was a fan of that. its counter productive. then again, humans were never intended to be monogamous, nor logical - the survival instinct's still there. and that means that everyone else is secondary.

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